Kara Del Toro Looks Smoking Hot Alongside Her Sizzling Friends At The Revolve Awards

Maxim bombshell Kara Del Toro shared another post from the Revolve Awards with her 1.1 million Instagram followers, but this time she took snaps with several of her friends, and not just of her own outfit.

In the first snap in the series, Kara posed on a soft pink couch with maroon and gold pillows alongside model Janice Joostema. Kara rocked a low-cut pink dress that exposed an insane amount of cleavage, and while her dress was a maxi length, a slit down the front allowed her to flaunt her toned legs. Her blonde locks were down in a sleek blowout, and her makeup was natural and flawless.

Janice rocked a gown with a bedazzled silver bodice, and also flaunted a hint of cleavage. Her brunette locks were done in soft curls, and she likewise had a long dress with a slit up the front to flaunt her toned legs. The duo posed together yet again in the second snap, and Kara was captured smiling at her friend in that particular shot.

In the fourth snap, the duo was joined by model Sophia Smith. Sophia rocked a black bedazzled jumpsuit rather than a gown, and looked absolutely stunning. She added another touch of bling with statement earrings and silver sparkling shoes, and her brunette locks were swept back in a chic up-do.

In the fifth and final snap from Kara’s Instagram update, they were joined by Ayla Woodruff. Ayla added a pop of color into the mix with her turquoise gown that hugged her curves, and also had her strands pulled back in a sleek up-do. All the ladies gathered on the couch work with the brand Revolve, and were all attending the awards.


Kara’s followers loved the smoking hot update featuring so many gorgeous models, and the post received over 8,400 likes within just 49 minutes. Many of her followers shared their thoughts in the comments section.

“Gorgeous and elegant women,” one fan stated.

Another follower couldn’t handle all the beauty captured in one shot.

“Could you imagine actually meeting any of these girls?? I would forget my name, then probably trip as I walked away lol.”

Another follower commented “looking lovely ladies.”

Yet another said “ahhh! Keep swiping – it just gets better and better.”

Just yesterday, Kara shared a double Instagram update featuring a shot and a short video of herself in the pink gown she rocked at the event. It seems she had such a good time at the Revolve Awards with her girls that she couldn’t resist sharing another update.