‘World’s Sexiest Nurse’ Lauren Drain Shares Funny Booty Video Filmed By Her Husband

The fitness model joked that her husband 'creeps' up on her, and he had a hilarious response.

Lauren Drain takes a mirror selfie in the gym.
Lauren Drain / Instagram

The fitness model joked that her husband 'creeps' up on her, and he had a hilarious response.

Lauren Drain usually captivates her 3.9 million Instagram followers with stunning snapshots of her fit physique, but the fitness model also shares some funny content on her popular page. In her latest Instagram post, the woman known as “the world’s sexiest nurse” poked fun at her husband for being more than a bit obsessed with her backside.

On Sunday, Lauren took to Instagram to share a video with her fans. She’s shown standing at a counter with a small group of other women, who are possibly checking in for one of the bikini competitions that have helped Lauren become a social media sensation. According to a screen in the background, the video was filmed at the San Manuel Casino in California.

Lauren Drain doesn’t appear to be pregnant, so the video isn’t current. She’s wearing a black off-the-shoulder crop top with long sleeves and a pair of stretchy white leggings. She also has what appears to be a plaid yellow shirt tied around her waist, and she’s wearing a red quilted Gucci belt-bag.

Lauren’s bottoms are so tight that they almost look painted-on, and the camera zooms in on the outline of her peachy derriere. A Superzoom effect that replicates the effect of multiple flashing cameras has been used on the video to make it seem as though paparazzi are snapping photos of the blond bodybuilder’s booty. The fire Superzoom effect has also been used on the end of the clip, surrounding Lauren Drain with flames as heavy metal music plays.

In the caption of her post, Lauren revealed that the video was filmed by her husband and fellow fitness model, David Kagan. She wrote that the video shows how he “creeps on” her, and she quipped that men are “such simple creatures.”

Lauren added a rolling on the floor laughing emoji to her caption, but her husband tried to get the last laugh in the comments section of her post. He responded by joking that he didn’t realize whose backside he was filming.

“When I recorded that I didn’t know it was you,” David wrote. “Checked out my own wife.”

A few of Lauren’s followers praised her man’s video skills, as well as his choice of subject matter.

“Your husband needs some sort of an award for awesomeness,” remarked one fan.

“Urgh. Freaking beautiful healthy booty. Woman…” another wrote.


“Dude… like I said before the hottest fitness model in ig hands down!!” a third admirer commented.

Lauren Drain’s followers also awarded her husband’s efforts with over 9,000 likes in the span of an hour.