Pauline Tantot Poses Topless On An Outdoor Sofa On Instagram

Pauline Tantot takes a selfie.
Pauline Tantot / Instagram

Pauline Tantot celebrated her Sunday with a topless photo on Instagram, as she lounged outdoors. She was seen sitting up while only wearing a pair of pants. The pants were baggy and made of shimmery fabric. They had two large side pockets on the lower legs. The stunner completed her look with a pair of white sneakers. She sat up while placing her left hand over her chest to censor herself as best as she could. Even so, her cleavage was on full display. Pauline propped her left elbow on her knee and glanced at the camera with her hand on her cheek. Her hair was pulled up in a casual, high ponytail. Her hair fell in front of her arm, with soft bangs that framed the right side of her face.

The model exuded sultry vibes while giving her signature pout. She didn’t appear to be wearing much makeup, as her freckles showed on her cheeks and the bridge of her nose. She also opted for simple accessories and was seen with just a charm necklace. Plus, Pauline rocked a light pink manicure.

The Instagram sensation was seen sitting on an outdoor wicker couch. The base was dark brown, while the cushions were tan. The couch was placed against a white building, which featured vertical, white paneling. She propped her feet on top of a glass coffee table, and the ground was covered in light gray gravel. It appeared to be a cloudy day outside, as the lighting was muted.

The photo can’t be shared here, but it’s available on Pauline’s Instagram page.

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@balibody you makes me smile

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Fans left tons of messages in the comments section for the model.

“I am the first to comment, I deserve a prize, right? haha i love you so much,” gushed a follower.

“The natural beauty queen,” raved an admirer.


“Surprised the photo hasn’t been removed you know Instagram and all that,” expressed a fan.

“You gonna give us your workout soon?” wondered a fourth Instagram user, referring to a prior post where Pauline teased a workout routine.

Previously, the blond shared another update where she also went topless. It was a video selfie, and she was seen censoring her chest with her right hand. Her makeup matched the backdrop. It included glossy lipstick and hot pink eyeshadow. She added a surreal cloud filter, with puffy white clouds that floated around the model. Plus, the filter included a barbed wire headdress and a lower eye tattoo, which added drama. Her actual tattoo of a butterfly was visible on her hand.