Demi Rose Nearly Spills Out Of Robe In Cannes Vacation Photo

Instagram sensation Demi Rose Mawby thrilled her 10.8 million followers with a sexy update in which she showcased her voluptuous cleavage in a robe while enjoying a nice morning in Cannes.

The brunette beauty sat at a table on a deck at what appeared to be a luxury resort overlooking the ocean. The small table was adorned with tableware and breakfast foods that included fruits and bread. Palm trees and other foliage were on the other side of the deck. With turquoise water and blue sky in the background, Demi looked as though she was in a tropical paradise.

The model looked stunning as she sat barefoot at the table, holding a cup in her hand. She wore a plush, white robe that was pulled down her shoulders, exposing a good deal of her voluptuous cleavage. One of her legs could be seen under the table through the opening in the robe, as she held it closed with her other hand. The camera captured her looking down, and her skin glowed in the morning light.

Demi appeared fresh-faced with a light application of makeup that included dark brows, thick lashes and red color on her lips. She wore her hair wrapped up in a white towel that was piled on her head. She also wore a dark color on her nails as she sat poised on the edge of the chair.

In the caption, the stunner indicated that breakfast in Cannes was her kind of morning.

Her followers definitely seemed to enjoy everything the view had to offer.

"What an amazing pic. Gorgeous lady, beautiful surroundings, and a delicious breakfast. Doesn't get much better than that. Xoxo," one admirer said.

"That would be my kind of morning too," joked a second follower.

"Such a beautiful woman," a third fan chimed in.

"Wow! Perfection as always," wrote a fourth fan.

Demi knows how to work the camera, and she has no qualms about showing off her body in an array of revealing outfits. Her morning in Cannes has not been the only time she posted a photo in which she sported a robe. Just last week, she exposed some skin while looking sexy in a sheer robe. She recently flashed a bit more skin in a tiny yellow bikini while sporting a blond wig. The model likes to keep her fans guessing on what she will post next, but they can always count on her updates to be titillating.