Cosplay Model Liz Katz Flashes Booty In Gray Tank Top And Skimpy Undies

Cosplay model Liz Katz poses for a selfie.
Liz Katz / Instagram

After a series of images where she got all dressed up for the camera, including one where she paid tribute to the 1997 film The Fifth Element, cosplay model Liz Katz returned to Instagram on Saturday night with a hot new post. This time, she opted for a considerably simpler outfit as she showcased her curvy booty for her 983,000 followers on the social media platform.

The newly uploaded photo shows Liz standing in front of a white closet with her back partly to the camera, looking behind her and flashing a coy look on her face. The 31-year-old wore a gray spaghetti-strap tank top for the shot, teaming it with a pair of light blue undies that left most of her derriere exposed and more than allowed her to flaunt her dangerous curves. The model also let her long blonde hair flow down her back, partly covering her skimpy top — this time, she wasn’t rocking one of the many wigs she wears as part of her cosplay shoots.

For her caption, Liz kept things similarly simple, dropping a familiar expression that tied in with the fact she was flashing her shapely rear-end in the photo.

In the two hours or so since the new update was posted, it’s gotten Liz more than 27,000 likes from her adoring fans, as well as close to 400 comments. As usual, some followers were so awestruck by the photo that they opted for strings of emoji instead of actual words, but there were others who had quite a lot of good things to say to the model in the comments section.

“You look mesmerizing and absolutely stunning as always,” said one Instagram user, adding a heart-eyes emoji, several hearts, and a peach emoji.


“I love that tattoo! I would really like to find out if the infinite lives code works,” remarked another admirer, trailing their comment with several tongue-out and heart-eye emoji as they referenced Liz’s distinctive “Press Start” thigh tattoos.

“Not sure what we did to deserve this but I’m thrilled,” gushed a third follower.

While Liz’s newer photo updates have also included yet another revealing costume where she offered a sexier take on Dragon Ball character Bulma, this wasn’t the first time in recent weeks that she chose to dress down for the camera. Last week, she took to Instagram to share a photo where she revealed major cleavage in a tiny black top, an image that, as of this writing, has gotten well over 48,000 likes.