Joy-Anna Duggar Shares Exciting Family News, ‘Counting On’ Star Teases Fantastic Plans & Big Changes Ahead

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth pose for a photograph
Austin and Joy Forsyth / Instagram

Counting On star Joy-Anna Duggar took to her Instagram page on Saturday night to share some exciting updates with her fans. She had recently teased everybody in a separate Instagram post that she and husband Austin Forsyth were in the midst of a project of some sort, and now she is ready to reveal that they recently purchased a house.

Those who follow Joy-Anna and Austin on social media know that they have been living in a camper for well over a year now. They sold the house they moved into right after their wedding in 2017 and renovated and flipped a house as they lived in the camper.

Now, Joy-Anna and Austin are renovating another house. However, she said this time, it is one they will move into and keep for themselves for a while. The Counting On star shared a series of videos on the Instagram page she shares with her husband to give her followers a sneak peek at the family’s new place.

Joy-Anna noted that she has loved living in the camper, but admits that she is ready to spread out a little. By the looks of the videos she posted, the family is doing some extensive remodeling of the home. Their camper is parked right next to the house, so it seems they are still living in the camper as they work together on the upgrades to the house.

It appears that the focus right now is on redoing the kitchen, as Joy-Anna showed Austin working on painting cabinets. They’ll be installing all-new countertops and appliances, and there is a lot of painting in store for the Counting On couple too.

While Joy-Anna and Austin still have quite a bit of work to do before they can start decorating, she already has plenty of ideas. She said she envisions something of a minimalist or boho style and Counting On fans will be excited to see additional updates in the weeks ahead.


The 22-year-old reality television star acknowledged in her Saturday video that a lot of people had guessed correctly about the project she teased earlier in the week. She noted that some people had other guesses that they aren’t pursuing right now, but she didn’t pinpoint specifics.

Plenty of Counting On stars figured that the couple had a home project of some sort they were doing, but many guessed they were flipping another house. Some wondered if they were specifically working on a baby room and quite a few were excited to guess that it was a new house of their own they were putting together.

By the looks of things, Joy-Anna Duggar is quite excited about the new house and the fresh start her family has on the way. She, Austin Forsyth, and son Gideon will have plenty of room to grow now and Counting On fans will be hoping that they can add another little one soon after the heartbreaking miscarriage they faced a few months ago.