Cynthia Bailey Shares Why Her Daughter, Noelle Robinson, Came Out As Gender Fluid On ‘RHOA’ Despite Anxiety

Cynthia Bailey and Noelle Robinson attend Columbia Pictures "Superfly" screening
Paras Griffin / Getty Images

Cynthia Bailey recently opened up about how she and her daughter, Noelle Robinson, felt about coming out as gender fluid on Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Robinson recently shared with her mom and RHOA fans that she identifies as gender fluid. Bailey shared to Hollywood Life that, prior to the show being aired on Sunday, November 10, she was worried about the scene airing.

While the young model has been on the show since 2010, the reveal was one of the more open moments she’s had on the show. She shared with the outlet during BravoCon that Robinson was unsure of her decision to come out in a public way, and didn’t know if it was the right move for her at the time.

“She was having a lot of anxiety before the show aired,” Bailey admitted. “But I cannot tell you the love and support, it’s all I’ve been talking about all week.”

Bailey also shared that, by Robinson coming out, she has inspired other parents whose children have told them that they also identify as gender fluid. The Bailey Agency CEO also shared that her hope in sharing the scene with the audience was to show that she could have open conversations about her daughter’s life without judging her.

She also said that she hopes other parents who have gender-fluid children will be able to have the same conversations with them in an open and honest way, something that she said she didn’t have for herself when she was growing up.

“As a parent, I’m just happy, and proud, that I’m the kind of parent that…I just want to be the kind of parent that she can feel comfortable even coming to, to talk to about sexuality,” she said.


Robinson shared with her mother that she was gender-fluid as the two were in the car discussing her college life during one of her breaks from school. While the clip was recorded months ago, Bailey shared that she still vividly remembers when her daughter came out to her for the first time. Although she was aware that her daughter was interested in boys, she said she was shocked to learn her daughter was also attracted to girls initially.

“I was giving her the, ‘So any cute boys?'” Cynthia shared. “And she was like, ‘Yeah, and some cute girls too.’ And I was like, ‘Oh! Okay.'”

Robinson is the only daughter of Bailey and her ex-boyfriend, actor Leon. She is currently modeling and going to college in Los Angeles.