‘Shameless’ Season 10 Gallavich Scene Leaks On Instagram

Cameron Monaghan as Ian Gallagher and Noel Fisher as Mickey in Shameless
Patrick Wymore / Showtime

Less than 12 hours ago, the official Shameless Instagram page leaked a Gallavich scene from the upcoming episode. While the clip was just one minute and 30 seconds long, it was enough to send Shameless fans who follow the page into a bit of a frenzy.

As The Inquisitr has mentioned in several stories regarding Season 10 of Shameless, one thing fans of the Showtime hit series are looking forward to more than anything else is the return of Gallavich. Many fans of the series were devastated when Mickey Milkovich (Noel Fisher) exited the show by fleeing to Mexico and leaving Ian Gallagher (Cameron Monaghan) behind.

The writers attempted to smooth things over with the fan base when Monaghan also exited the series last season by bringing Fisher back to cameo as Mickey one last time. While most fans of Gallavich were happy that Ian and Mickey got the endgame they deserved, they were thrilled when they learned the duo would return to rekindle their flame for Season 10.

The brief leaked clip featured Ian and Mickey demonstrating just how hard it is to be trapped in a tiny room with no one but each other. The clip kicks off with Mickey clicking the top of a pen several times.

Viewers also hear Ian making smacking and sucking noises with his mouth as he looks into the tiny mirror on the wall while flossing his teeth. Both Ian and Mickey grunt and growl as they become annoyed by the small noises the other is making from within their tiny cell.

It doesn’t take long before they both yell for the other to knock it off. Things, however, become a bit awkward when someone in another cell makes it clear this is a regular thing for the duo. Mickey, however, quickly shuts it down and tells the individual from the other cell to butt out of their business.

Ian sits on the bed and announces that he and Mickey need to talk.

“About what?” Mickey replies quickly.

Ian points out the intense amount of friction between the duo causing them to want to kill each other.

Mickey rebuttals by telling Ian he isn’t sure how they can fix the problem before proceeding to ask him to “stop being so annoying.”

“Remember when we first got here? We had fun together.” Ian adds.

Mickey agrees before reminding Ian part of the reason they had so much fun together was that all they did was have sex.

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Ian, however, corrected Mickey and noted they also “laughed” a lot too.

When Ian probes Mickey regarding what happened to them, Mickey expressed that he believed it was “this place” that caused the issues. After all, they were stuck in a tiny room together.

Mickey added that the duo didn’t really have a solution to their problem.

Ian suggests the duo try a separation to see if a little time apart would do them some good.

Gallagher then suggests he could stab Chester to get sent to solitary to give them the time apart they need.


“Wait, are you dumping me?” Mickey asks after Ian finishes explaining the plan.

Ian cushions the blow by correcting his lover once more. “We need a break.”

“F*ck you.” Mickey retorts as the clip comes to a close.

As those who watched the Season 10 premiere last week know, Ian and Mickey did not make an appearance. Gallavich, however, will be featured in tomorrow’s episode.

Those with a Showtime subscription can watch the episode early as the network will drop it into their streaming library just after midnight.