Cosplay Models Jessica Nigri And Meg Turney Dress Up Like ‘The Witcher’ Characters

Jessica Nigri revealed that she just recently got into the world of 'The Witcher.'

Jessica Nigri takes a selfie.
Jessica Nigri / Instagram

Jessica Nigri revealed that she just recently got into the world of 'The Witcher.'

Jessica Nigri teamed up with another popular cosplay model, Meg Turney, to channel two of the female characters from The Witcher fantasy franchise, and her Instagram followers found their collaboration absolutely enchanting.

On Saturday, Jessica Nigri, who has become known as the “Queen of Cosplay,” took to Instagram to share two snapshots of herself and Meg Turney rocking costumes based on women from The Witcher world. Jessica is dressed up like “child of destiny” Ciri, the white-haired princess whose full name is a mouthful: Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon. Ciri is the adopted daughter of Geralt of Rivia, the main character in The Witcher fantasy novels, video games, and upcoming Netflix series.

Jessica’s Ciri costume included a thick white wig and a billowy white blouse, which she wore over a lacy bra. She pulled her shirt down to expose the undergarment, which showed off her ample bust. She also sported a brown underbust corset and matching fingerless gloves. In her first slideshow photo, she isn’t wearing pants; she’s sporting a black thong and knitted thigh-high stockings instead. In the second snapshot, she’s rocking black leather leggings embellished with silver studs. She also modeled a pair of over-the-knee brown boots and a silver belt.

Meg Turney is dressed like Triss Merigold, a sorceress who is like an older sister to Ciri. In Jessica’s first photo, Meg is wearing a bright red wig that has been twisted into a low bun. She is clad in a teal bra and matching sheer underwear. Over her lingerie, Meg is wearing a vest-like garment — one with a white collar, and sleeves that have been embellished with pearls and blue-and-white trim in a grid pattern. She also flaunts a pair of long fingerless gloves in a bright red shade, the hue matching the thick belt around her waist. Like Jessica, Meg is more covered up in the second photo; a brown faux leather shirt, pants, and boots have been added to her costume.

In response to Jessica Nigri’s photos, her Instagram followers expressed their excitement over seeing Meg Turney with her.

“I always love the collabs between you two! So awesome!! Hype!” wrote one fan.

“There is nothing greater in this world than Jess/Meg collabs. Glad you’re enjoying the game,” another remarked.


In the caption of her post, Jessica Nigri revealed that she just recently began playing The Witcher video games. She also mentioned Netflix’s upcoming series based on the popular RPG franchise. According to TV Guide, the series will begin streaming on December 20. The cast includes Henry Cavill as Geralt, Freya Allan as Ciri, and Anna Shaffer as Triss.

While Jessica Nigri often impresses her Instagram followers with her takes on popular characters from various forms of media, she occasionally creates her own original characters, like the sexy elf that she dressed up as in one of her recent videos.