Selena Gomez Sucks Spaghetti Noodles While Scowling On Instagram

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Selena Gomez took to Instagram roughly 24 hours ago to share a collection of photos of herself sucking a mouthful of saucy spaghetti noodles with her 161 million followers.

The Instagram post included five different snapshots of Selena enjoying a nice evening. Three of the photos featured the 27-year-old singer with her lips wrapped around spaghetti noodles.

Despite opting out of wearing any type of makeup while enjoying her pasta, Selena still sported long, full eyelashes.

In the first of the three spaghetti photos, Selena had noticeable bags under her eyes as she looked a little worn down. That first snap showed Selena with her lips pursed just enough to slurp up the single spaghetti noodle she had dangling from her mouth.

Because Gomez was sitting at a dinner table, all her followers could really see was her chest up. She was rocking a cream-colored puffy top with her dark tresses pushed back out of her face. She accessorized with thick gold hoop earrings and a gorgeous silver ring on her finger.

The second photo was shot at more of a distance, with Selena rocking a bit of a scowl on her face as she used her fork to push a mouthful of lengthy pasta noodles toward her mouth.

The third pasta photo contained Gomez with both elbows resting on the table as her fork was assisting in pushing the spaghetti noodles into her mouth.

Selena appeared to be dining at some sort of covered patio establishment. In some of the photos, the horizon along a body of water could be made out in the distance of the huge window behind her.

While the photos didn’t necessarily show who Selena was dining with, there was a full wine glass of an orange beverage sitting across from the young singer indicating that she wasn’t eating pasta by herself.

The eating establishment also featured a very oceanic theme with blue chairs, blue tables, blue glasses, and blue plates. Even the salt and pepper shakers were blue with long fish tails extending from the top of the shaker to the bottom.

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Grateful for ze pasta ????

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In just 24 hours, the photos of Selena enjoying a plate of pasta accumulated 8.3 million likes and over 42,000 comments.


“Yup the first picture is a MOOD,” one follower jested in the comments.

Unfortunately for Gomez, not all of her comments were kind and supportive. One individual noted the only time the singer was active on social media was when she had plans to release a new album.

The follower criticized, “In short when she wants publicity she starts being active on social media and when she doesn’t have she leaves fans high n dry.”

Many of Selena’s fans were quick to clap back at the individual. Some questioned why the individual followed the singing sensation if they had no love for her. Others noted being active on social media to hype up the release of an album was a wise marketing decision on her part.

Gomez also had several individuals who joked about how they were jealous of her spaghetti.