Nipple Artist Vicky Martin Puts ‘Huge Breast’ Inflatable Outside Facebook London Headquarters In Protest

Sean GallupGetty Images

A medical nipple tattoo artist named Vicky Martin placed an inflatable “huge breast” outside of Facebook’s headquarters in London, England, to protest the social media giant banning her account as pornography, according to a BBC report.

The Daily Mail reported that roughly 50 women gathered to protest Facebook blocking Martin, who is a medical tattoo artist. Martin creates tattoos for women who have survived breast cancer and undergo breast reconstruction surgery. Many of the women who attended the event received nipple tattoos from Martin, and they reported that she’s provided them a valuable piece of their healing.

“It’s so important because you go for so many operations, and this is one less operation. Because it’s just a tattoo, but the effect of it is amazing,” said cancer survivor, Amy Griffin, whose nipple is the one that Martin chose to put on the breast inflatable they used at the protest outside of the social media company’s headquarters.

Others who showed up to support Martin’s cause were technicians she’s trained on her techniques. For Martin and the women she helps, her work is art. The tattoos she creates help women feel complete again after such a long and difficult journey to health. She explained that it is especially important to share it on Facebook because some women finally get the nerve to reach out to her, and she’s unable to reply due to being blocked. The women do not realize that Martin is blocked, and she said that it hurts them to feel ignored. Martin also pointed out that she is posting images of her work inside mastectomy groups, which are closed groups.

Although she tried to get inside the headquarters to talk to somebody, Facebook wouldn’t allow anybody to speak to Martin during her protest. However, the company issued a statement that revealed it had banned her account by mistake.

“Vicky’s profile shouldn’t have been suspended – this was a mistake, and we are sorry for the upset this has caused. Whilst nudity isn’t allowed…we make exceptions for posts which are clearly intended as medicinal or educational,” said Facebook in a statement to the BBC.

For Martin, though, the apology is not enough. She wants the opportunity to work together with Facebook to help create new rules that will empower women who’ve overcome so much in their breast cancer fights.

“Facebook is an amazing platform. If it was used correctly, it could just empower so many women, that’s all we want,” said Martin.

Currently, images of female nipples are not generally considered appropriate for posting on Facebook, although pictures with male nipples are allowed on the social media platform.

Facebook also came under fire recently for including Breitbart News in its high-quality news tab, The Inquisitr previously reported.