Elvis Dumervil Release Blamed On Fax Machine

The Broncos are blaming the release of Elvis Dumervil on a fax machine.

In a shocking turn of event the Broncos have released linebacker Elvis Dumervil. The two sides had agreed on a deal to re-strcuture Dumervil’s contract when a fax machine blunder forced the Broncos to cut him.

To be more specific. The Broncos and Dumervil had agreed to cut $4 million off of his salary next year, when terms of the deal were changed last minute. All paperwork needed to be filed by 4 pm today, but Dumervil’s agent failed to fax in new contract before the deadline.

Making matters worse, the Broncos probably don’t have the cap space to simply re-sign Elvis Dumervil. Denver need to re-strcture Dumervil’s contract to make cap room. They were hoping to shave $4 million off his $12 million for next season.

By having to release Dumervil, Denver saved $7 million, but will also take a $4.89 million cap hit. After signing Wes Welker to a two year, $12 million deal yesterday, the Broncos have made it incredibly difficult to re-sign Dumervil.

At the end of the day, both side are blaming a fax machine for the forced release of Elvis Dumervil. Dumervil’s agent claims a fax machine was the on the fritz.The Broncos’ camp claims they did not get Dumervil’s signed paperwork back from Dumervil’s agent until 4:25 pm, and tried to get the paperwork filed back by more modern means while waiting.

Another theory is that while a contract was agreed upon, Dumervil was not happy with a $4 million pay cut and his agent purposely held back the paperwork until it was too late.


Whatever the reason, the Broncos have cut one of their best players in Elvis Dumervil. In six years in Denver he has recorded 54 sacks and made the Pro Bowl three times. It will hard to replace his production if the two sides cannot work out a new deal.

Are you surprised the Broncos released Elvis Dumervil and are blaming it on a fax machine blunder?