Bikini Model Karina Irby Does A Belly Dance To Encourage Women To Embrace Their Tummies

Karina Irby and fellow Instagram influencer Ariella Nyssa are being praised for showing off their belly bulges.

Karina Irby takes a close-up selfie.
Karina Irby / Instagram

Karina Irby and fellow Instagram influencer Ariella Nyssa are being praised for showing off their belly bulges.

Karina Irby wants women to know that they don’t have to have a flat stomach to rock a bikini. Karina’s fondness for wearing two-pieces has helped the Australian Instagram influencer and swimsuit designer become a social media star. However, what many fans love about Karina is that she doesn’t use retouched photos to sell bikinis from her Moana bikini line, and she’s a strong advocate for body image positivity.

On Thursday, Karina Irby took to Instagram to share a “belly appreciation post” with her 1 million followers. She teamed up with fellow Australian Instagram influencer Ariella Nyssa to film a video proving that women who are healthy and active can still have belly bulges, which she described as “adorable tummies.” Karina wrote that it’s not “the norm” to have a perfectly flat, thin stomach, and she encouraged her followers to embrace their tummies by doing the “belly dance.”

Karina demonstrated the dance in her Instagram video. The blond bathing suit mogul was standing in a pool, and she was rocking a blue and pink string bikini featuring a star pattern and color-blocked bottoms. The slightly sunburned model made silly noises while she squished her stomach with her hands, rubbed her belly, and wiggled her hips back and forth.

Ariella Nyssa was standing on a step behind her. She was wearing a yellow-and-pink polka dot bikini, and she flaunted her belly by standing sideways, rubbing her hands over it, and doing a little dance for the camera.

Karina Irby’s video has earned over 25,000 likes so far, and many of her followers responded to her Instagram post with words of gratitude.

“Thank you I needed to hear this today,” wrote one fan.

“Oweeee I want to love my belly as much as you girls! #gettingthere,” another remarked.

“Thank you for reminding me and others that the things we think are bad about ourselves are actually normal and beautiful,” read a third response.

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WHAT YOU CANT SEE Transformations are a a lot more than a physical appearance. It’s human nature to see these kind of images and judge a book by its cover, which in this case it’s #GAINS. What these photos don’t show you is my mental health, nutrition history and over all well-being. Yes I have gained muscle and body fat to give me my ‘today’ appearance. But I’ve also gained confidence, knowledge, education and health. I’m more proud of my over all well-being and mind set than my appearance and I think is the #REAL goal! How did I do this? Nutrition. Working out. Lifting weights. Education. Gave myself time. Believed in myself. I don’t just want to look good. I want to live a long and healthy life. There is 5 years between these photos????

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Many of Karina’s Instagram posts are about promoting body positivity. She’s not afraid to show off her cellulite, and she’s documented her struggles with eczema. She also shares occasional posts about how she became happier and healthier after gaining some weight.


Karina Irby and Ariella Nyssa often team up to create bikini-related content. On her Instagram page, Ariella shared another post that was aimed at making women feel more comfortable about having rounded stomachs. It specifically mentioned belly bloat. Ariella pointed out that it’s a “normal” issue that everyone suffers from, and she begged her followers not to “feel inferior” whenever they’re experiencing a bout of bloating. Her post included a photo of herself and Karina posing in bikinis and laughing as they proudly showed off their stomachs.