Jinger Duggar’s Husband, Jeremy Vuolo, Reveals A Special Gift He Will Give Felicity When She Grows Up

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo after Felicity was born.
TLC Press

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo have settled in nicely in their new home in Los Angeles. Their 1-year-old daughter, Felicity Nicole, has been the focus of their Instagram accounts ever since she was born. Her parents love to watch her grow and learn new things, and it looks like her daddy has found a special way to capture the fun moments of her childhood. He revealed in a recent Instagram post that he has been documenting those moments in a journal that he will hand over to her in a few years.

Taking to the social media platform, Jeremy shared a picture of a book called the Illuminated Bible. The blue hardcover book has a gold design of flowers and vines imprinted on the front. He explained in the caption what he was using it for, and it has to do with his adorable daughter. The reality star said that he purchased the bible when Felicity was born so that he can document the things that she is learning as she grows up. Both Jinger and Jeremy have talked about how much fun it is to watch their little girl learn new things in her world.

Not only will Jeremy be writing the many things that his daughter is learning, but he also said that he is jotting down some thoughts on the bible verses that he reads as well.

Jeremy Vuolo plans on giving the book to Felicity when she gets older. He mentioned that maybe her 16th birthday would be a good option. Duggar fans loved this idea that the Counting On star shared with them. Many expressed that they also did the same thing by writing notes to their kids and giving them to them when they grew up.

“Such a beautiful gift she can have for her life time to share with her own children and grandchildren,” one fan said.

“That’s a lovely idea! I’m sure she’ll cherish this gift. Imagine if Jim Bob had done that for his kids. He’d have carpel tunnel syndrome,” another person told him.


The photo of the Illuminated Bible that he is holding was actually taken by a professional photographer, who also happens to be a friend of Jinger and Jeremy’s. He has recently taken a few shots of the family of three as well.

Ever since their move to L.A. this summer, Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo have been out and about, taking in all the sights and new eating places. Just recently, the Duggar family all went to visit with them, spending time at the beach and seeing their digs. As seen in a recent episode of Counting On, the place that the Vuolos are living in right now is only temporary. They will be finding a new place sometime in the next year or so.

Another new episode of Counting On will air on Tuesday night on TLC.