November 16, 2019
Kate Gosselin Vows To Make The Truth About Her Family 'Known' As Jon Tells His Side To Dr. Oz

Kate Gosselin says she will tell her side of her family's story very soon. The Kate Plus 8 star issued a statement amid her ex-husband Jon's latest interview in which he discusses their divorce and her ongoing TLC reality show that features six of their eight kids.

Ahead of Jon's appearance on The Dr. Oz Show, Kate told People magazine she will not comment on his most recent claims about her but that she will be setting the record straight in the near future.

"I have consistently made it a rule never to respond to Jon's delusional ramblings, and I will not break that rule now," Kate told People. "However, at some point soon, I look forward to making sure the absolute truth about our family is known."

Kate's statement comes after a 10-year gag order was lifted regarding the former TLC couple's divorce. Jon told Dr. Oz that while TLC funded Kate's expensive divorce, he spent $1.7 million in lawyer's fees on the divorce and to get out of his contract for the family's popular reality show, Jon and Kate Plus 8.

In previews for The Dr. Oz Show, Jon accused Kate of seeking legal custody of their kids so she could continue to film with them on reality TV to "sustain her lifestyle."

While the DJ stopped short of calling Kate an "unfit mother," he told Dr. Oz "her belief system is skewed." Jon added that fame and money twisted Kate's values and that he has been fighting, unsuccessfully, to get his kids off TV for what seems like forever. Hannah and Collin, the two Gosselin kids who live with Jon, are the only siblings who no longer participate in Kate's reality shows.

In the comments section to Kate's most recent Instagram post in which she claimed unnamed individuals have "tried to destroy" her eldest daughters, Mady and Cara, fans of the reality TV family reacted to previews for Jon's latest tell-all.

"I'm sure it's going to be another repetitive bashing on Kate, nothing new," one follower wrote.

"Doesn't that guy ever get tired of saying the same thing over and over must be his favorite subject," another said of Jon.

Others questioned Kate's silence on social media and the fact that she rarely posts unless she is promoting Kate Plus 8 or her spinoff reality show, Kate Plus Date.

Kate Gosselin has indeed made a career out of reality TV ever since she and Jon introduced the world to their family on the TLC series Jon and Kate Plus 8 back in 2007. Two years later, the couple's nasty divorce played out in the tabloids, and Kate continued the reality show solo by dropping Jon's name for Kate Plus 8. Since that time, Kate has competed on Dancing with the Stars and Celebrity Apprentice, and she most recently documented her dip back in the dating pool with Kate Plus Date.

Last month, Jon accused Kate of filming the most recent Kate Plus 8 special "illegally." Jon claimed his ex-wife and TLC did not have the proper authorizations to film the 15-year-old Gosselin children for the reality show.