Mathilde Tantot Turns Up The Heat In A Topless Selfie On Instagram

Mathilde Tantot takes a selfie.
Mathilde Tantot / Getty Images

Mathilde Tantot turned up the heat with a sultry selfie on Instagram, as she posed topless inside her bathroom. She was seen wearing only a pair of baggy sweats and a beanie, as she censored herself with her hand. Her pants were light purple, as the waistline fell inches below her belly button. It had a front-tie drawstring.

The topless look meant that her tiny waist was on full display, along with her chest. She seemingly kept the attention on her toned body by opting to go without jewelry.

The stunner placed her fingers in such a way to censor herself, as she took the photo with her left hand. Her light pink phone case featured black lettering, which matched her black manicure. The phone obscured the model’s eyes, although her lips could be seen. She opened her mouth flirtatiously, while a strand of hair fell down the right side of her face. She brushed the rest of her locks behind her shoulders.

The bombshell’s beanie was another shade of purple, and she stood in a white bathroom with a tub to her left. There was a wall with marbled accents, while the rest was plain white. Behind her, there was a clothing rack with a couple of pieces of clothing hanging from it. One was dark blue, while the other was white. There was also a small, silver trash can. The lighting was bright in the room, however her arm and phone cast a shadow on her midriff. She stood with her left leg crossed in front.

Fans left plenty of nice compliments in the comments section.

“You’re hot as hell,” gushed a follower, referring to her captions.

“My vote goes for ‘super hot’ of course!! My god, you are going to break Instagram!!!” exclaimed a second Instagram user.

“Your body is so beautiful. I want to cry,” claimed an admirer.

“How perfect is she aye, can’t be real,” declared a fan.


The photo is too revealing to be shared here, but it’s available on Mathilde’s Instagram page.

In addition, the bombshell shared a similar topless post around a month ago. The update showed her going topless while using an angel wings filter. The photos showed her posing in a bathroom, except this time, she stood in front of the tub.

She wore her hair down in a middle part, and rocked a small, black thong. She censored herself with her left hand while taking the selfie with the other. The angel wings had a cartoonish look to them.