Chase Chrisley Busts Nanny Faye On Her Fishy Lies

Chrisley Knows Best star Chase Chrisley had some serious doubts about Nanny Faye's alleged wealth of fishing experience. So, he concocted a plan to get to the bottom of his grandmother's fishy lies.

A few hours ago, the official Instagram account for the Chrisley Knows Best series shared a three part video clip from the show, featuring Nanny Faye and her grandsons, Chase and Grayson.

The clip kicked off with Chase and Grayson entering the kitchen and saying hello to their grandmother. Chase reminded Nanny Faye how they weren't able to catch any fish. He then noted it couldn't have been Nanny Faye's fault because of her incredible fishing skills and experience.

"No. If they don't bite, you can't catch 'em," Nanny Faye said in response.

The clip transitioned to Chase and Savannah Chrisley sitting on the couch while discussing Nanny Faye and fishing

"Nanny is stubborn as a mule and will not admit that she doesn't know how to fish, so I've got the perfect plan to catch her in this lie," Chase explained.

Savannah quickly asked her brother what the plan was before he grossed her out by saying the plan was simply "fish guts."

When the clip goes back to Chase and Grayson with their grandmother, Chase presents her with a bag of fresh dead fish. Chase explained that he wanted his grandmother to teach them how to gut, clean, and cook a freshly caught fish.

He added that he and Grayson just wanted to learn as much as they could from Nanny Faye's wealth of experience.

Determined to keep up the charade, Nanny Faye encourages the boys to get her a cutting board and the biggest knife in the kitchen. Then, she proceeds to investigate the fish and poke at it with a blade.

She starts out by explaining to the boys how you gut and clean the fish depends on what type of fish you catch. Nanny Faye continues to poke at the fish for a little while longer. She also makes several comments about the unpleasant odor coming from the fish.

In time, Chase is victorious as Nanny Faye admits she doesn't actually know much about fish. Nanny Faye owns up to the fact that everything she has said about fishing as been a lie. When Chase and Grayson question her further to understand why she told these fishy lies in the first place, she offers up a sweet response. She just wanted to spend time with them.

When the boys jokingly ask what their father, Todd Chrisley, will think when he finds out, Nanny Faye quickly jests that it will be their little secret.

The trio decide to toss the fish and go get something to eat that doesn't smell so awful after clearing the air and having a good laugh.