Blond Bombshell Hannah Palmer Bares Her Booty In ‘Late Night Jacuzzi’ Snap

Hannah Palmer poses for a slefie.
Hannah Palmer / Instagram

Hannah Palmer took to Instagram on Friday to show off her backside in a couple of sexy snaps that showed her lounging in a jacuzzi.

The beauty’s update consisted of two photos that showed her in the pool in a black-and-white polka dot thong bikini that left little to the imagination. The shot was somewhat different from the photos that Hannah usually shares in that it focused on her backside instead of her front.

The beauty was partially submerged in the pool with her back facing the camera. She leaned on the edge, which was lined with a few cushions. The jacuzzi had a short wall around it with foliage appearing over the top edge on the other side.

Hannah looked as though she had just come from taking a dip in the jacuzzi because she was soaking wet. She was in the water up to just below her booty, giving her followers a nice view of her perky derrière. Also on display was the beauty’s slim waist and shapely shoulders.

Hannah’s hair was wet, and she looked to wearing a light application of makeup. Other than the bikini, she wore a dark blue color on her nails.

Both of the pictures were similar, except the lighting and the expression on her face. In the first snap, the lights in the water were blue and Hannah gave the camera a serious look. The second snap captured the beauty with a sly smile on her face with red lights shining in the water.

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late night jacuzzi????

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In the caption, Hannah mentioned that it was late at night in the jacuzzi. Her 1 million followers didn’t seem to care what time it was, as they were too busy drooling over the snap.

“So sexy. Absolutely gorgeous and perfect. Looks like you could use someone to swim with,” one admirer said playfully.


“Entrancing almost hypnotic kind of beauty,” a second follower wrote.

“My jaw just SMASHED the floor when I saw this,” joked a third follower.

“Your amazing beauty is breathtaking,” commented a fourth fan.

Hannah seems to have a way of taking her fans’ breath away with her semi-nude photos. She seems to prefer bikinis, but she also likes to surprise them with an occasional snap of her modeling a sexy dress or a flirty pair of Daisy Dukes. Whatever the blond bombshell decides to wear, her fans can almost always count on it looking fabulous.