‘Playboy’ Model Francia James Slammed By PETA After Getting ‘Groped’ By Lemur

The lemur stuck its head down viral video star Francia James' top.

Francia James takes a selfie.
Francia James / Instagram

The lemur stuck its head down viral video star Francia James' top.

Playboy model Francia James has gained social media fame for her interactions with animals in viral videos. However, as reported by The Sun, PETA doesn’t find the curvaceous Instagram star’s animal antics amusing at all. The animal rights organization is particularly unhappy about a video of a lemur trying to claw its way down Francia’s top.

Francia James’ close encounter with the lemur recently made headlines, with The New York Post writing that she was “groped” by the furry primate. In a video that she posted on her Instagram page, the model has a lemur sitting on her shoulder. Francia is wearing a pair of white short overalls over a stretchy white crop top with off-the-shoulder sleeves. One strap of her overalls has been undone, giving viewers a better view of her ample cleavage.

The lemur has its snout stuck down the center of the model’s top, and it is clinging to her chest with its tiny hands. Francia frantically stumbles around backwards as the animal sniffs around in her cleavage, and she almost falls over.

“Oh my god! What are you doing?” Francia says. “What should I do? What are you doing down there? Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!”

The model laughs throughout her interaction with the lemur, which leaps off of her chest near the end of the video when she trips.

In response to the video, PETA complained about Francia James using the lemur as a prop while visiting an attraction that treats animals “as selfie accessories rather than the sensitive living beings they are.” Her video was filmed at a zoo in Webster, Florida.

PETA director Elisa Allen also pointed out that lemurs are endangered animals.

“These intelligent, social animals belong in Madagascan forests, where they can engage in natural behavior, not in some shady pseudo-sanctuary that allows humans to grope wild animals for Instagram ‘likes,'” Allen said.

Francia James previously appeared in another viral Instagram video co-starring an elephant. She was wearing a bikini, and the curious critter kept fondling her breasts with its trunk. It almost succeeded in removing her tiny top before she finally moved out of its reach. Some of Francia’s Instagram followers have accused her of using food to entice the animals to mess with her chest, with her aim being to create attention-grabbing videos.


“You know you put food down there to bait him,” read one response to her lemur video.

“Obvious you put a snack in there,” wrote another skeptic. “Anything for clout.”

Francia isn’t the only social media stunner whose interactions with animals have been criticized. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, fitness model Dana Hamm was recently accused of digitally altering a bikini photo to make it look like she was posing with a massive grizzly bear. However, she insisted that she really was standing beside a trained bear.