Ashley Alexiss Leaves Little To The Imagination In A Sheer Bra

Ashley Alexiss shared a new lingerie pic with her Instagram fans today, and it seems to be a hit so far. The model was seen posing indoors, as she rocked a revealing bra. It was light lavender in color, and featured sheer lace fabric with floral accents. This meant that she left little to the imagination, as she left parts of her chest exposed in the shot.

The blond stunner smiled with her lips closed, as she rocked shimmery, light pink lipstick. She managed to pull off a slight pout at the same time. Meanwhile, she looked straight at the camera. Her eyes popped, thanks to the dusting of white eyeshadow below her eyebrows and on her inner eyes. She wore mascara and black eyeliner on her lower lids, and she dusted her cheeks with blush.

Ashely kept things simple as far as accessories, with just a thin gold ring on her finger that was visible. She posed indoors for the photo, as she appeared to be sitting down. She propped her arm on her leg, and raised her hand into the air. She curled her fingers slightly, revealing her French manicure.

The model’s hair was also notable, as she wore it down in luxurious curls. Her locks fell down the front of her right shoulder, which censored part of her chest. However, the curls on the left were brushed to the side. Because of this, the photo is too revealing to share here. However, it’s available on the model’s Instagram page.

Fans left their compliments for the bombshell in the comments section.

“Most beautiful pic of all time,” gushed a follower.

“I liked the picture but I love the quote. I respect your hustle. Motivates me on some days. Thanks!!!” exclaimed an admirer.

Others commented on her captions, which discussed luck versus hard work.

“It’s amazing how lucky hard-working people are,” wrote a fan.

“Well how about if we say your husband is lucky, is that ok?” joked a fourth Instagram user.

It’s not unusual for followers to mention how lucky Ashley’s husband is. His name is Travis Yohe, and the two apparently met on a work trip, according to Inside Weddings.

In addition, Ashley shared another lingerie pic earlier this month. This time, she was spotted in a red corset. It featured black floral lace accents in the front center. Plus, it had black ribbon throughout, including a criss-cross design on her chest. She posed in front of white sheer curtains and placed her finger flirtatiously on her lips. Her hair was worn loose, and fell down the sides of her shoulders.