Tori Roloff Teases ‘LPBW’ Fans That Baby Girl Is Coming Any Day, Cautions People Not To Get Too Excited Yet

Tori Roloff, Jackson Roloff and Zach Roloff pose on the farm
Tori Roloff / Instagram

Little People, Big World star Tori Roloff is suggesting on Instagram that her daughter may be born quite soon. However, the LPBW star cautioned her anxious fans that they should not get ahead of themselves as they anticipate this exciting news.

On Thursday, Tori shared a photo on her Instagram page showing her posing with both her mother and her mother-in-law. The trio of ladies was posing together outside, and it seems they may have spent time at La Provence bistro in the Hillsboro, Oregon area.

Tori is quite visibly pregnant in this photo, and based on the note she added to the post, it seems that the three ladies had just had lunch together. In her caption, Roloff noted that soon there would be another girl to add to the photo, and it sounds as if the purpose of the lunch outing was to celebrate the pending family addition.

The Little People, Big World star went on to note that her baby girl is already deeply loved, and she praised both her mom and mother-in-law as wonderful grandmothers. Roloff joked that her little girl should come on already, as everybody is quite anxious to meet her.

Tori has previously shared that she has a November due date, so the new Roloff family member really could arrive any time now.

It is clear based on the comments from Tori’s lunch date post that everybody is quite anxious to “meet” this little girl.

“I can’t wait to meet her. Always a wonderful afternoon ‘girls time’ out with the two of you,” noted Tori’s mother-in-law Amy Roloff.

Nearly 110,000 of Tori’s 1.1 million Instagram followers liked this latest post and more than 700 added comments.

“Congratulations prayers for an easy delivery you look beautiful,” noted one of Tori’s followers.


“Pregnancy looks good on you,” commented another LPBW fan.

In her latest Instagram stories, the Little People, Big World star joked about how miserable it is to sneeze while having a Braxton Hicks contraction. However, to prevent her LPBW fans from getting too excited in thinking that perhaps she was in labor, Roloff added a cautionary note. Tori shared that she has been having these Braxton Hicks contractions since about month four of her pregnancy.

Tori has previously shared that she and Zach decided not to find out whether their daughter would be a little person. She explained that they decided not to since they don’t care whether the new family member will be a little person like big brother Jackson, dad Zach, and grandparents Amy and Matt.

Roloff fans have been keeping a close eye on Tori’s social media pages and watching for signs that it’s time for her little girl to be born. The Little People, Big World star isn’t showing signs of that happening yet, but it appears that the family should be welcoming their newest family member quite soon.