Tom Brady Backs Colin Kaepernick, Says ‘It’s Pretty Cool’ That He Might Return To NFL

Brady expressed his support for Kaepernick's potential return to the league, praising him for overcoming challenges in his career.

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Brady expressed his support for Kaepernick's potential return to the league, praising him for overcoming challenges in his career.

Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who has discovered a growing wave of support for his possible return to the National Football League, can depend on legendary New England Patriot’s quarterback Tom Brady.

According to CBS Boston, Brady weighed in Thursday on Kaepernick’s upcoming opportunity to show NFL teams that he’s ready to play again at a private, NFL-backed workout to be held Saturday in Atlanta, Georgia. The league sent invitations to all 32 NFL teams to attend the workout, which will include a Kaepernick interview that will presumably be a pitch explaining why he wants to return to the game.

Speaking to radio host Jim Gray, Brady said “it’s pretty cool” that Kaepernick will have a potential chance to earn his way back onto a team while also praising Kaepernick for what he’s endured since last playing in the NFL in 2016.

“I think being a pro quarterback is very challenging in and of itself,” Brady said. “To have time off is a challenge, but Colin’s overcome a lot of challenges in his career, and he’s always found a way to produce. He’s very mentally tough, and I think it’s pretty cool that he’s getting that opportunity.”

Brady’s kind words from a quarterback’s perspective mark the second time he’s given Kaepernick public respect. In 2017, Brady also supported the opportunity for his fellow athlete to put on the helmet and pads once again.

The Patriots will be 1 of 11 confirmed NFL teams to attend Kapernick’s combine-style, private workout on Saturday. Since many teams in the 2019-2020 season have been dealing with injured and otherwise nonviable quarterbacks, this rare window of opportunity may be just the time for Kaepernick’s potential return.

Colin Kaepernick watches a Women's Singles second round match between Naomi Osaka of Japan and Magda Linette.
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As The Inquisitr previously reported, Brady’s support comes on the heels of ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith predicting that Kaepernick could realistically land a contract within the next few weeks as long as he “keeps his mouth shut,” a reference to Kaepernick’s past vocal activism both on and off the field.


Kapernick was the first NFL player to take a knee during the playing of the National Anthem before the start of a game in protest of social injustice and police brutality issues.

Smith indicated that Kapernick’s chances of returning are good assuming he can still perform at the highest level in the quarterback position, a provision which will be put to the test on Saturday. However, Smith said it’s imperative that Kaepernick leave the activism behind him to focus on the game.

“The other thing that could be a hindrance is if he opens his damn mouth and starts talking too much, and scares these teams off and gives them the indication that more of what transpired, that led to all of this, will continue forward,” Smith said.