Trump Wrapping Paper Sales Bring In The Money For Republican Fundraising Group

The group claims to have raised half a million dollars so far.

Presents beneath a christmas tree
Jill Wellington / Pixabay

The group claims to have raised half a million dollars so far.

A Republican fundraising group is selling Donald Trump-themed wrapping paper, HuffPost reports. Though the effort is getting laughs on Twitter, the group behind the project says more than half a million dollars have been raised so far.

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) is a fundraising committee tasked with getting Republicans elected to Congress. For the 2019 holiday season, they’re using their party’s affiliation with Donald Trump to raise money in the form of the Trump-themed holiday gift paper.

Specifically, donors are offered three options when making their donation. Two feature snowflakes and the phrase, “I stand with Trump,” while a third option features a handful of catchphrases associated with Trump — such as “Winning” and “Trump 2020” — in a variety of fonts and sizes and in no particular order.

Purchasing the wrapping paper (or, to put it more accurately, making a donation in exchange for the “gift”) requires a bit of effort. Officially, a roll of the paper is exchanged for a $25 donation. However, the required form to purchase the goods comes with a $35 donation already pre-selected. Interested parties who wish to donate the minimum required to obtain the wrapping paper need to change the digits by typing $25. Further, if you’re not careful, you may wind up repeating your donation month after month: The “make this a monthly contribution” box is checked by default so for a one-time purchase and to avoid being charged again, the buyer must uncheck that box.

Twitter is having a field day with the wrapping paper.

For example, conservatives in general, and the Trump administration in particular, have long mourned the so-called “War on Christmas.” In fact, Trump campaigned on the promise that, if he were elected president, we’d all be saying “Merry Christmas” again, as HuffPost previously reported.

@JimSwiftDC took note of the apparent disconnect between Trump administration overtures about keeping Christmas sacred while at the same time cashing in on the holiday.


User @MartynMcL referenced purported efforts by the Trump administration to keep things hidden from the American public, writing, “Ideal if you’re looking to cover something up.”

Another user, @MarkJKremer, asked if there was a “toilet paper variant.”

Joking aside, the NRCC says that, as of November 12, the wrapping paper had raised more than half a million dollars.

It’s not just the NRCC that’s using Christmas wrapping paper, or other Christmas gewgaws, to raise money. The Trump Campaign Store sells a six-foot roll of their own Trump-themed wrapping paper for $30. You can also buy a $60 “Make America Great Again” hat ornament or a $35 wooden toy Trump-Pence truck, among other souvenirs.