‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Mackenzie McKee Tells Fans To ‘Think Before They Speak’ After She’s Slammed For Dog Tweet

Mackenzie McKeeInstagram

Mackenzie McKee recently found herself defending herself on social media after tweets about her dog had some people criticizing the Teen Mom OG star.

The mom of three took to Twitter and begged her followers to “think before they speak.” Also within the post, she linked to an article by InTouch Weekly, which detailed the recent drama that took place.

It all started after Mackenzie tweeted about her Great Dane named Hank wanting to go outside all night after she left him sleep inside. She claimed that her dog begged to go outside all night, and when she allowed him out, he ran around “liked he loved the cold.”

Some fans were quick to wonder why Mackenzie was not allowing her dog to sleep inside due to the cold temperatures, but she explained that he is allowed to sleep inside. She insisted that her tweet was taken “way out of proportion.” She explained that when it is cold outside, she does not let her dog sleep out there. Rather, she was “confused” as to why her dog wanted to go out in the cold. She also explained that she doesn’t crate her Great Dane, but rather lets him sleep “by her bedside.”

Although Mackenzie tried to explain herself in several tweets, she found herself still coming under fire from followers. She attempted to stop the negativity with a tweet in which she addressed it.

“When I see people have something negative to say about every little thing. I sit and wonder how miserable it would be to live like that. I strive to see only good in others, and it’s a joyful life to live. You should try it too,” she wrote.

Mackenzie then shared a photo of herself with her Great Dane to Instagram. In the photo, her Great Dane is standing and is nearly as tall as her while she holds her smaller dog in her hand. She continued to urge her followers to “think before they speak” about the situation.

The photo had 4,800 likes from her followers, but she turned off the comments on the photo. Fans were not able to voice their opinions on the photo on Instagram.

This is not the first time Mackenzie has had to defend herself on social media. Recently, she had to take to social media to speak out after she was accused of faking her recent marriage drama for Teen Mom OG.