Russian Beauty Dasha Mart Flaunts Bikini Body In Skimpy Outfit In Flirty Barefoot Photo

Dasha Mart poses for a selfie.
Dasha Mart / Instagram

Russian bombshell Dasha Mart put her incredible curves on display Friday in her latest Instagram update in which she wore a sexy two-piece outfit.

The update, which contained three photos, showed the beauty standing outside near a pavilion with cement columns. Her floral outfit consisted of a short crop top with a low-cut neck and a matching pair of high-cut bikini bottoms. The skimpy ensemble put all of Dasha’s curves on display as she struck several poses for the camera.

The first photo captured all of Dasha’s body as she stood with her hands in her hair. With one hip to the side and one leg in front of the other with her toes pointed, she put her long, lean legs on display. Her hair fell over one shoulder as she smiled while looking down.

The second snap showed the model at a closer angle from the side. She had her hands on a column with one knee bent and her back slightly arched. A tattoo on the side of her hip drew the eye to her perky derrière. The pose showed off her voluptuous chest as well as her slender waist as she flashed a flirty smile for the camera.

The third picture showed the beauty leaning against one of the columns with her back arched, elbows back, and one foot forward. The pose accentuated her flat abs and hourglass shape. Her bronze skin had a healthy glow as she looked at something off in the distance.

Dasha wore a full face of makeup that included dark brows, smoky eye shadow, and rose color on her lips. She had a pink color on her nails. Her hair was down in loose waves, and her only bling appeared to be a belly ring.

Dasha’s caption was written in Russian, but a quick translation revealed something about the location of the photoshoot. It seemed her fans were more interested in her than where she happened to be standing.

“Wow you look perfect and amazing smile,” one fan commented.

“You’re the most beautiful woman I have ever seen,” wrote another admirer.


Other followers couldn’t seem to get over her legs.

“I love your long legs,” one admirer said.

“Wow those legs go on for ever,” commented another.

The beauty seems to love showing off her long legs — and the rest of her body. Whether she’s wearing a barely-there bikini or a cute romper, she knows how to work the camera.