Kelly Osbourne Teases 'The Osbournes' Reality Show May Be Coming Back To TV

Kelly Osbourne says her family is mulling over an offer to resurrect The Osbournes, the reality show the rock 'n' roll clan starred in from 2002 to 2005. The daughter of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne told People TV the family routinely gets offers to reboot their MTV hit, and that this time they may actually say "yes."

The Osbournes was considered groundbreaking when it aired for four seasons more than 15 years ago. Years before copycat shows featuring the lifestyles of the rich and famous began popping up everywhere, The Osbournes gave fans an inside look at the home life of the Black Sabbath frontman, his manager wife, and two of their teen kids, Kelly and Jack. Daughter Aimee Osbourne opted not to participate in the family show.

Kelly, who was just 15 when she signed on to the original show, admitted the first season was "such a magical time" in her family's life because they had no idea what they were doing or the magnitude of success they would have with the show. The 35-year-old added that the show broke ground as "the most raw and vulnerable" of any family on TV. But she added it then became "an explosion of too much reality" for the family.

Members of the Osbourne family would go on to do more reality shows — Ozzy and his son starred in History Channel's Ozzy & Jack's World Detour, while Kelly was recently unmasked as Ladybug on Fox's The Masked Singer — but revivals of The Osbournes have been shut down.

While Kelly noted that her famous family receives offers to bring The Osbournes back "every single year about every three months or so," they usually say "no," but a recent pitch has left them intrigued.

"It keeps coming 'round. Right now there's another offer on the table and I think this is the closest we've ever come to accepting one," Kelly shared. "But whether that will happen or not, I don't know."

Last year, matriarch Sharon Osbourne told Howard Stern that no one can afford to pay her family what they deserve for a reality reboot.

"Different networks will approach us and it never works out," Sharon said last fall. "They can't afford us. It's like why would we want to do it for f*cking peanuts?"

But Sharon previously told the UK talk show Loose Women that her rock star husband wanted the chance to show a new side of himself after the MTV show's original run.

"He said for the three years we did [the show] he was drunk the whole time and he'd like to be sober," Sharon revealed, per Entertainment Tonight.

Indeed, a confused Ozzy often became the butt of most of the jokes on The Osbournes. Jack Osbourne even told Rolling Stone the show "almost discredited" who his father is as a serious performer.

"I think The Osbournes, to a degree, tarnished the public's perception of my dad as a bit of a senile, funny, bumbling guy," Jack said in 2008.