Bombshell Abby Dowse Nearly Pops Out Of Skimpy Silver Dress In New Instagram Post

Abby DowseInstagram

Sexy fashionista Abby Dowse is setting Instagram aflame yet again with another stunning photograph. Abby shared a photo of herself wearing a silver mini dress with a deep plunging neckline. Her cleavage is on full display. Due to the cut of the neckline, her breasts are practically popping out of their fabric confines.

“Do we like my new dress for the evening?” asked the stunning Australian model in the photo caption.

Based on the fact she only posted the photograph a little while ago, yet it has already amassed more than 12,000 likes and 300 comments, it seems like the answer to her question is a resounding yes.

The metallic material of Abby’s dress helps deepen her already bronzed skin. Her tan, along with her lustrous blond locks, make her look like a gorgeous Barbie doll.

Abby adorns her flashy ensemble with a familiar necklace. She has worn the same piece of jewelry in several other recent Instagram photos. It has a tiny silver cross and matching heart pendant attached. Abby further accessorizes with multiple bracelets and rings, all silver, to match her dress.

Yesterday, The Inquisitr reported on another one of Abby’s pictures. In that image, the model channeled her inner pinup girl by wearing a polka-dot headband and posing provocatively on her furniture. She also wore the same cross necklace she wears in today’s post.

Not only does Abby’s attire give fans an eyeful of her chest, but the shiny dress has a slanted cut that makes the hemline much higher on her left side. Due to the way the Fashion Nova ambassador perches on the edge of her chair with her legs uncrossed, the photo comes dangerously close to becoming completely NSFW.

The way her dress rides up allows Abby to treat her followers to a full view of her chiseled thighs and a peep at her slender legs. She’s wearing matching silver strappy heels to complete her glamorous look.

The sexy blond fitness model has made posting jaw-dropping photos of herself a regular gift to her many fans. They excitedly anticipate each update.

“Can always count on you to end the week with an incredible high note. Absolutely stunning enjoy your weekend babe,” said one commenter.

“You may be weekend ready but I don’t think anybody is ready for you in this. Absolute super model,” gushed a second fan. They also added various emoji to express their compliments further.

A third fan was awestruck by the fashion maven’s beauty, saying, “Wooowwww???? No doubt always the center of attention but you in this dress light up a whole room.”