WWE News: Frustrated Tag Team Drop More Leaving Hints


Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder — otherwise known as The Revival — have dropped more hints that their WWE days are coming to an end.

As documented by Ringside News, the duo recently imitated The Young Bucks’ pose at a recent WWE live event, which was caught on camera by the attending fans. Afterwards, Dawson made the image his Twitter profile picture.

The Revival members have been teasing a match against the AEW executive vice presidents for months, and this latest development has only fueled rumors that the unhappy tag team will be joining the upstart company when their WWE contracts expire.

As documented by Ringside News, both teams have been teasing a match since 2017. Last year, the Young Bucks stated that the dream match will happen one day, and “everyone will rejoice” when it does happen.

As The Inquisitr noted earlier this year, Dawson and Wilder reportedly requested their releases in January — when AEW was officially founded — only to be denied by WWE officials.

Since then, the duo has continued to hint that they’re AEW-bound when their contracts expire. Prior to this development, the most recent example occurred a few months ago when they told Arn Anderson — a current AEW producer — that they’d see him again following the news that he’d joined the company after being fired by WWE.

However, Dawson also took to Instagram recently for a more open and honest post about his grievances with WWE. While the tag team have been critical of their creative direction in the past, Dawson revealed that he wants to spend more time at home.

“Rarely do I ever post about my family, but I haven’t been home with my girls, consistently, for more than 2 days, in 3 months time. These are the times you realize, money really isn’t everything. Do what you love & what makes you happy. That’s the plan. Highway run….”

The post prompted a response from Wilder in the comments section, who said, “Screw the money. Let’s be happy.” It’s clear that both performers are driven by more than monetary gain, but AEW is also more than capable of rewarding their stars.

WWE’s travel schedule is grueling, whereas AEW has been making efforts to ensure that their performers have a healthy work/life balance. That’s one of the main factors that’s reportedly making WWE superstars want to join the rival promotion.

The Revival has also been critical of WWE’s treatment of the tag team division in the past. AEW, meanwhile, has made theirs an important part of the product. The lighter schedule, coupled with Dawson and Wilder’s desire for better wrestling, makes AEW seem like an inevitable destination.