Cosplay Model Liz Katz Flashes Underboob In Revealing Leeloo Costume

Liz KatzInstagram

Cosplay model Liz Katz came up with the perfect way to promote her members-only website. On Thursday, the stunning social media star shared a video of herself dressed up like The Fifth Element character Leeloo, who is described as the “perfect” being in the sci-fi- movie.

The costume Liz is wearing in her sexy video is almost an exact replica of the revealing outfit that “Leeloo Dallas Multipass” rocks in the movie. However, she fills out the barely there top a bit more than actress Milla Jovovich.

When viewers first meet Milla’s Leeloo, she’s rocking a white bandage-like garment constructed out of thick straps that wrap around her breasts, stomach, and legs. She’s also wearing a pair of white underwear, and she’s sporting neon orange hair cut in a messy bob with short bangs. Liz Katz nailed all of the elements of The Fifth Element character’s iconic look.

The top strap of Liz’s costume can barely contain her ample assets, so there’s a little spillage both above and below the tight band. The curvaceous model flaunts her underboob while spinning around in a hanging bubble chair. The futuristic piece of clear furniture makes a great stand-in for the glass tube that the movie version of Leeloo is encased in before she uses her superhuman strength to punch her way out of it.

Liz stares at the camera seductively as she twirls around. She sensually runs her hands over her body, and she gently yanks on the straps of her tight costume. There are also a few scenes of the barefoot beauty posing on the concrete floor. She shows off her flexibility by spreading her legs as she crouches down and moves back and forth.

In the caption of her post, Liz encouraged her followers to join her “Gritty Kitty Club” so that they can gain access to exclusive content.

Liz Katz seemingly chose the right character to use in her promotional post. Her followers let her know that they were impressed with her costume, with some of them even remarking that she looks better than the original Leeloo. Others suggested that they might sign up for her website.

“Damn. Leeloo never looked so good!” wrote one fan.

“This is Leeloo that we deserve,” another remarked.

“One ticket for gritty kitty club please,” a third admirer commented.

While many of Liz’s cosplay costumes are based on anime characters, she occasionally dresses up like pop culture icons from movies and TV series that are a bit more mainstream.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, her followers also fell in love with her take on the Batman character Harley Quinn. Liz dressed up like the version of the Joker’s sexy sidekick played by actress Margot Robbie in the movie, Suicide Squad.