‘The Challenge’ Season 35 Spoilers: Format Possibly Revealed, More Players Sent Home


Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Challenge Season 35.

Shooting is reaching the midway mark for The Challenge Season 35 after cast members gathered in Prague, Czech Republic, just over two weeks ago to begin filming. The format for the upcoming season had been widely speculated upon, but according to The Challenge Vevmo account, it looks like this season will not have teams, and it will be every player for themselves.

This format can not be 100 percent confirmed, at this time, but insider Pink Rose is rarely wrong, and if they are it’s just with a slight tweak.

This could shut down other rumors that Season 35 is a part of a War of the Worlds trilogy since the last two seasons have been in the team format. The rumor began to be debunked as well when the cast was leaked online last month, as a majority of the players hail from the United States.

In addition to letting fans know about the individual format, Pink Rose also noted that the players are living in some sort of underground bunker, like a bomb shelter. The spoilers also suggest that the players have to go outside and use port-o-potties when they need to use the restroom.

The past several seasons of The Challenge saw competitors living in lavish mansions, despite having to sleep in bunk beds. The last time the competitors were forced to live in squalor while competing was during Season 29, known as Invasion of the Champions. Competitors lived in what was dubbed “The Shelter” and had to win eliminations to earn their ticket to “The Oasis.”

With a large influx of rookies over the past several seasons, this bomb shelter will be quite a shock to some who have never had to live in a wonky Challenge house while competing.

The sixth player has also been eliminated from the game. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Kayla Fitzgerald (a rookie from The Amazing Race), Jennifer Lee (a rookie from The Amazing Race), Asaf Goren (Are You the One?), Ashley Mitchell, and C.T. Tamburello have all been eliminated from the game.

Just announced as the latest eliminated contestant is rookie Jay Starrett. Jay hails from CBS reality TV and was a memorable cast member on Survivor: Millenials vs. Gen X. The 30-year-old lasted 36 days on the hit competition series, making him the eighth member of the jury and the 14th player voted out of the game.

The Challenge Season 35 is expected to premiere in early 2020 on MTV.