Olivia Culpo Reveals The Diet And Fitness Secrets She Uses To Maintain Her Lean, Hourglass Figure

Olivia Culpo has shared some of the fitness and diet secrets that she uses to maintain her enviable figure. In a new interview with Hollywood Life, the model, actress, and former Miss Universe said that she has made being healthy her primary focus, so her fit body has been a by-product of that.

“I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle that’s sustainable so I can avoid having to ‘crash diet’ or feel super sluggish [or] out of shape. For me, it’s all about feeling healthy from the inside out,” she said. “When you eat well and workout, you feel amazing, so ultimately that’s always my goal.”

Olivia added that she works out several times a week and focuses on doing full-body training. The model, known for her taut abdominal muscles, revealed that her main tip for a flat stomach isn’t more sit-ups, it’s cardio. Running is one of her go-to heart-accelerating exercises.

“Cardio is a huge part of getting abs!” she continued. “When I am running regularly, I can actually achieve abs comparable to when I am doing regular ab exercises.”

When she isn’t running, Olivia shared that she also likes to do barre, Pilates, and P.volve to achieve toned arms and legs. P.volve is a training method that focuses on sculpting the body with low-impact workouts and specialized equipment.

During the interview with Hollywood Life, Olivia also mentioned that stretching has had a positive impact on her body, specifically, when she’s weight training because it keeps her muscles from getting too bulky.


As for her diet, the I Feel Pretty star revealed that she usually sticks to a diet that mainly consists of lean protein and vegetables. She also likes to munch on snacks like yogurt fruit and almonds.

But she did admit to cheating on her diet often.

“I indulge regularly which I think is a really important part of creating a healthy lifestyle, as opposed to randomly binging for periods of time,” she said.

Olivia sometimes shares recipes on her Instagram page of what she eats to look so good. In a photo she posted four days ago, she shared a series of delectable images of a breakfast bowl filled with strawberries and granola. In her caption, she revealed that the meal complied with keto and paleo dietary guidelines because of its low carb count.

“I like it in yogurt but you can also have it plain, with milk, in smoothies, or I put it in my pancakes,” she added.

The post has racked up over 36,000 likes and 179 comments since it was posted.