November 14, 2019
Bill Clinton Advises Donald Trump To Pass Gun Control In Wake Of Saugus High School Shooting

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton spoke to CNN's Jake Tapper Thursday for its coverage of the Saugus High School shooting in Santa Clarita, California. As Donald Trump faces an impeachment probe and Republicans continue to resist calls for gun control, Clinton suggested that the president focus on the latter, Breitbart reports.

Clinton highlighted that the Republican-controlled House impeached him in 1998 and pointed to the work done in 1997, 1998, and 1999.

"We had very productive actions in all three years," he said, adding that the only "really tough year" for his administration in the wake of Republicans taking Congress was in 1995 to the beginning of 1996 when the GOP shut down the government twice.

"Once the public rendered judgment on what they thought should be done, I kept working with them. That's just an excuse," Clinton said.

The 73-year-old politician was asked if he had a message for Trump, to which he said the president was "hired to do a job."

"Every day's an opportunity to make something good happen. And I would say, I've got lawyers and staff people handling this impeachment inquiry, and they should just have at it. Meanwhile, I'm going to work for the American people. That's what I would do. "
Clinton highlighted that Trump indicated a couple of times he would go along with gun control, but Clinton suggested that the gun lobby "pulled him back." Regardless, Clinton indicated that right now, Congress is "basically in denial" of the effects of avoiding gun control. He added that if Congress doesn't want to pass an assault weapons ban and ammunition limit, the least they should do is provide a "clean background check law" that is applicable to the modern world and harnesses "information technology."
Clinton also said that he believes in most cases, an "aggressive preventative program" that does not conflict with Second Amendment rights would have either prevented or minimized the resulting damage.

The gun control debate was reignited in the wake of back-to-back shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, and the Saugus High School tragedy seems poised to do the same. As The Inquisitr reported, the shooter has been identified as Nathaniel Berhow, who reportedly carried the attack out on his 16th birthday.

Berhow allegedly killed two people while injuring five others. He was taken into custody alive, but his current condition is not known.

As calls for gun control mount, Republicans appear focused on spotlighting violence from people with left-wing politics. The strategy is reportedly part of the GOP's approach to questions regarding Republican opposition to gun restrictions.