Bacon-Shell Tacos Offered At Michigan Ballpark


Bacon-shell tacos are currently on the menu at a Michigan ballpark.

Fans who stop in to see the West Michigan Whitecaps play can pick up a tasty bacon-shell taco. The Baco received the most votes during a recent contest to determine the ballpark’s next unique offering.

After narrowing down a list of 150 competitors to just 10, Whitecaps fans were allowed to vote on which item should make it onto the ballpark’s menu. The bacon-shell taco ultimately emerged victorious.

The runner-up in this year’s contest was something called The Bad Joke. The unusual concoction consisted of a corndog dipped in cheese and placed on a bun. The cherry on top: two strips of duck bacon.

Other contenders for this year’s title included Teeny Weenies and Rascal Chow, the latter of which consisted of popcorn, candy, and bacon.

In addition to the bacon-shell tacos, visitors to the West Michigan Whitecaps’ ballpark can test their gastrointestinal might with the Squeelin’ Pig. The pulled-pork sandwich comes with a “punch of Giardiniera, a sprinkle of ghost pepper, and flaming BBQ sauce.”

Those who decide to try their luck with the spicy sandwich will be required to sign waiver before diving into this potentially dangerous dish.

This is the fourth time the Whitecaps have held a contest to determine which items should be added to the ballpark’s unique menu. Previous winners include Chicks with Sticks and the Declaration of Indigestion. These selections are no longer available to adventurous eaters.

For a complete list of items currently offered at the ballpark, stop by the official website.

Not surprisingly, this isn’t the first time someone has decided to make a bacon-shell taco. The Philadelphia restaurant PYT also has a like-minded item on their menu. A video featuring the taco has been embedded below.

Taco Bell currently has the market cornered on unique taco shells. The fast food chain saw a surge in business when it began offering the Doritos Tacos Locos . The tacos are currently available in both Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch flavors. The company said demand for the items has created roughly 15,000 new jobs.

What do you think about the bacon-shell taco currently being offered at the Michigan ballpark? Are you brave enough to try such a concoction?

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