Steve King Posts Photos Of Alleged Whistleblower, But It’s George Soros’ Son In The Pictures

Joshua LottGetty Images

Iowa Republican Representative Steve King took to his Twitter page on Thursday to share some photos and allegations regarding the whistleblower behind the Trump-Ukraine situation. However, it did not take long for a number of people across social media to point out that the photos were of George Soros’ son Alexander Soros, and that he most certainly was not the one who filed the whistleblower complaint.

Rep. King shared a quartet of photos insinuating that the whistleblower was someone who has been quite friendly with Democratic politicians, reported Mediaite. The post included a young man posing for photos with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

In the now-deleted post, King quoted Intelligence Committee chair Rep. Adam Schiff as saying that he does not know the identity of the whistleblower. The Iowa politician then quipped that he had four strong clues to share, clearly insinuating that the whistleblower is on friendly terms with these four prominent Democratic politicians.

There has been a name floating around of who the whistleblower supposedly is, primarily in conservative circles, but that has not been confirmed. Some might say that based on the few photos of the alleged whistleblower that can be found online, he does look somewhat similar to the man in King’s post.

However, people across Twitter were quick to point out that the man in the photos King posted is not the man rumored to be the actual whistleblower. Alex Soros, 33, is a philanthropist and has never been an analyst for the CIA, as the whistleblower allegedly is.

“The man on the photos isn’t a government employee. Steve king knows this but is trying to intimidate this man and his family because of some warped ideas about this mans father,” noted one person on Twitter who went on to tag Twitter safety and support handles, as well as suggest that King’s account be deactivated.

“All I see are four strong clues you are unfit to serve in Congress,” declared someone else on Twitter.

It appears that the initial post with photos of Alex Soros was up for about four hours before being deleted. King didn’t post any explanation regarding taking the tweet down. However, he has since posted another tweet with photos of the rumored whistleblower.

Within minutes, King’s new tweet prompted another round of criticism. Many said they were reporting the tweet as targeted harassment of an individual, and others called out the Iowa politician’s attempt to seemingly try to pretend the other post never existed.

“Did you delete the other one and try again? What is WRONG with you? Horrible, horrible human!” wrote someone in response to King’s new tweet.

“Weird how this is a different guy than the other one earlier. You’re just throwing out random US citizens you don’t like?” questioned another King critic.

Rep. Steve King doesn’t appear to be responding to any of the criticism or questions his tweets are generating. He also does not appear to be apologizing for posting photos of Alex Soros.