Naked Man Foaming At The Mouth Arrested On Ohio Street

Tara Dodrill

Willowick, OH – A naked man was spotted wandering around an intersection screaming at cars and foaming at the mouth. Arresting officers report that the man was under the influence of drugs. The unnamed 21-year-old man was not hard to spot, quite a crowd had gathered a safe distance to watch the drama unfold on the corner of Vine Street.

The first police officer on the scene said the nude man was behaving in a very crazed manner and was not capably of having a rational conversation. The Ohio law enforcement officer said it was obvious the naked man was a threat not only to himself, but to others who were near him.

The Ohio man started running down the street. He ultimately stopped running right by the police cruiser. When the naked man was told to get onto the ground, he was either unwilling or unable to follow the officer's instructions.

A police officer reportedly warned the nude Willowick man to comply with the order before drawing his Taser gun. Restraining the suspect was not successful due to the alleged out of control behavior by the nude man. The Taser prong's hit the man's chest. Once inside the police cruise, the man tried to kick out the windows.

Once the nude man was finally inside the patrol car, he had begun to foam at the mouth. After doctors at a local hospital examined the man, it was determined that he did have drugs in his system and was mentally ill.

According to statements made by the man's mother, her some smoked pot and has been known to order other drugs on the internet. The mother said the online drug purchases may have been either the Spice or K-2 drugs. The synthetic versions of marijuana are commonly sold under those two names, but are also marketed under a host of other titles, such as Bliss, Blaze, and Skunk.

Police officers found the naked man's clothes and some other belongings on a sidewalk in from of a trophy shop.

willowick naked man

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