Dropbox Acquires Orchestra, Gets Access To Developers Of iPhone App ‘Mailbox’

Dropbox Acquires Mailbox App on iOS

Dropbox has announced the acquisition of Orchestra. The Orchestra team is responsible for creating the iPhone app Mailbox.

Both parties have kept terms of the acquisition under wraps at this time. It is unclear if Dropbox simply bought out the company’s infrastructure or if the move was motivated by a talent acquisition. With a drain on talented programmers, many companies have been purchased over the last several years in an attempt to acquire competent workers with an eye for creating new and useful products that customers actually want.

At this time, it looks as if Dropbox will at least keep the Mailbox app in circulation. In a blog post, Dropbox said it is “looking forward to making Mailbox even better and getting it into as many people’s hands as possible.”

Orchestra was smart in launching the Apple iPhone Mailbox application. The company created a reservation system which allowed it to choose when and how many users could grab the app off the shelf. That restriction led to eager anticipation among hopeful Mailbox users who heard good reviews about Mailbox from friends and co-workers.

Mailbox differentiated itself from the iPhone email platform by adding features such as gesture controls and the option to “snooze” messages for a later selected time.

While Dropbox has not revealed its motivation behind the acquisition ,it is likely a smart move that will give the company access to a top-notch app name. Dropbox could ultimately integrate its cloud storage system with a customers mailbox account to create a simple and effective way to save email attachments. Dropbox could also allow users to attach documents to their email sends directly from their Dropbox accounts.

Do you think Dropbox and the Mailbox app for the Apple iOS will ultimately allow for better overall email service on mobile devices?