‘The Masked Singer’ Ladybug Reveals Why She Had To Keep Her Identity Top Secret From Her Rock Star Dad

Michael BeckerFOX

Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from the November 13 episode of The Masked Singer.

The Masked Singer fans got a surprise this week when rock royalty was unmasked as the Ladybug. But the mystery singer — who we now know was Kelly Osbourne — was forced to keep her identity from her rock star father until her unmasking.

A few people were in the know before she “took it off,” but the”Iron Man” rocker was kept out of the loop. While several people in her inner circle knew she was Ladybug and had to sign nondisclosure agreements until her identity was unmasked, Kelly admitted she didn’t trust her dad to keep the secret.

“We didn’t tell my dad at first, because my dad is too proud of a father who would go around being like, ‘Did you see my daughter? Have you seen my daughter?’ We couldn’t tell him because he is a gossip like that. He wants to brag. So we were like, we cannot tell dad. Mom knew. And my brother, that was it,” Kelly told Entertainment Weekly.

Kelly’s concerns were valid, considering last season Donny Osmond’s Peacock identity was outed by his sister Marie weeks before he was unmasked on the hit Fox singing show.

Kelly also dished that she watched her reveal episode with her brother Jack’s daughters, and she noted that her young nieces were rooting for Ladybug all along without knowing it was her. The former Fashion Police co-host said she didn’t know if her nieces “subconsciously” knew it was her when they picked Ladybug as their favorite character.

On Instagram, The Masked Singer fans reacted to the unmasking of Kelly in the comments section of a photo of Ladybug. Many fans claimed to be shocked by the surprising reveal.

“Never would have guessed it,” one fan said of Ladybug’s identity.

“Kelly never even came to mind,” another added.

But other fans claimed to know it was the daughter of Ozzy Osbourne all along.

“I said Kelly Osbourne from the beginning,” one Masked Singer fan wrote.

“Are these judges guessing to pretend to be idiots or are they serious?” another asked.

Kelly Osbourne in the “Triumph Over Masks” episode of THE MASKED SINGER
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During her run on The Masked Singer, Kelly surprised fans with her singing voice as she belted out the early 1980s Pat Benatar song “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” and the Bonnie Tyler classic, “Holding Out For a Hero.”

As The Inquisitr shared last month, judges Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong, and Nicole Scherzinger guessed that singer Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan, or Fuller House star Jodi Sweetin could be Ladybug.

Kelly’s unmasking as Ladybug was one of the biggest surprises this season — especially for her dad.