Blond Beauty Rosanna Arkle Goes Topless By The Pool While Telling Fans About ‘Fight’ With Her Window Blinds

Rosanna Arkle brought the heat to her Instagram page this week with a sizzling new photo that was a huge hit with her fans.

The new addition to the blond beauty’s account was shared on Wednesday, November 13, and was immediately met with praise from her 4.8 million followers.

In the photo — which has earned nearly 50,000 likes since going live — the 31-year-old was captured enjoying a relaxing day by the pool. She laid on her side right in front of the cool water as the golden sun spilled over her body, leaving very little to the imagination as she did so.

Rosanna’s attire for the snap was nothing more than a skimpy bikini that provided as little coverage as possible to her flawless figure. She ditched the top half of the swimwear, exposing her toned back and flat stomach. She expertly positioned her arms to cover up her bare chest, hiding any cleavage and ensuring that she would not violate Instagram’s nudity guidelines.

The model did wear a pair of bikini bottoms in the steamy shot, though the number was hardly noticeable upon first glance. The skimpy, white garment boasted a scandalous thong style that left Rosanna’s curvy booty and sculpted thighs exposed in their entirety, upping the ante of her NSFW display even more. Its waistband was pulled up high on her hips, accentuating her trim waist and hourglass silhouette.

Despite looking totally peaceful, the caption of Rosanna’s post revealed that her day wasn’t quite as easy as the pool-side photo made it seem. The social media sensation revealed that she had a “fight” with her window blinds — and that her sister, Georgia Arkle, “of course” captured the whole ordeal on camera.

“Who even invented blinds with their tangly cords,” she questioned in the post, before admitting that she “truly hate[s]” them.

Fans certainly resonated with Rosanna’s struggle, with many flocking to the comments section of her post to express their own issues with the window coverings.

“They’re so frustrating. Pull it to try and lock it in place and just goes all the way up. Pull it one direction to try that and just raises one end of it,” one person wrote.

“My frustration level with blinds often reaches the point where I have to walk away so I don’t pull the whole thing down as I try to manipulate them,” said another.

Others seemed to have been too captivated with Rosanna’s beauty to even notice the story in her upload, and instead took to the comments section to compliment her jaw-dropping display.

“You are absolutely breathtaking,” a third fan commented.

“Dat booty da best in the game,” wrote another.

Fortunately, it does not seem that Rosanna’s “fight” with window blinds are a daily occurrence, unlike her skin-baring Instagram posts — to the delight of her fans. Just last week, the model flaunted her bare booty again in a blue thong bikini, a sight that proved hard to be ignored.