Australian Hottie Gabby Epstein Shares Photo Of Herself ‘Getting Dirty’ In New Instagram Post

The always stunning Gabby Epstein posted a smoking hot new update to Instagram yesterday evening. It didn’t take long for her 2.2 million followers to file in and lavish the bombshell with praise. Her latest picture has more than 26,000 likes and over 200 comments.

It’s easy to see why Epstein’s fans were so excited about the new photo. In it, Epstein flaunts her gorgeously tanned body by wearing nothing but a barely-there black string bikini that reveals a handful of sideboob. Her triangular-cut bikini bottoms are equally revealing, leaving her curvy rear end almost entirely on display.

Perhaps one of the most notable things about the image is the giant black handprint composed of coffee grounds precariously placed on her perky backside.

The grounds are one component in the Frank Body body scrub that Epstein is advertising in her image. Not only is she flaunting the body scrub by teasingly biting the end of the bottle, but her photo caption states that she is showing off the complete “Scrub Heroes kit.” It also comes with a “face scrub and scalp scrub.” On the left hand side of the photo, the other scrubs are visible sitting on the shower shelf.

Despite the fact Epstein is getting paid to post a photo of this nature, it hasn’t stopped her fans from layering on the praise due to how sexy, fresh, and stunning the blonde looks.

“Stay clean young Queen,” commented one fan in addition to adding a heart-eyes emoji.

Other fans were more concerned with the handprint and its placement. Several users expressed wishes that they could have taken on the job of leaving the handprint.

One fan teasingly responded, “My hand looks small in this pic.”

“Who’s hand print is that,” questioned another fan along with adding a smirking emoji.

“Oh Gabby…. I asked you to wipe that off when I left,” joked another user.

Some fans were also wondering if the beauty had cut her hair. It does appear to be shorter than in her recent photos. It’s a little unclear if it’s been cut, tucked under her neck, or swept over her shoulder on her opposing side that is not visible on-camera.

Earlier this week, The Inquisitr reported on another photo posted by Epstein in which she is seen eating pancakes while wearing a tight top and nothing underneath. In that photo, it also appears that the stunner’s hair could be shorter or pulled back into a simple updo.