Rihanna Gets Super Pouty In A New Instagram Selfie As She Admits She’s Working On Life-Work Balance

Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

Rihanna posted a brand new Instagram selfie today, and it showed her getting super pouty. The singer rocked hot red lipstick, which popped in the shot, thanks to it being the brightest color in the photo. She didn’t appear to be wearing much makeup otherwise, as she showed off her natural beauty. She tilted her chin down slightly while looking up at the camera.

The stunner rocked a black, velvety hat and wore her hair down. She brushed her locked in front of her left shoulder, while a shorter, curled piece framed the right side of her face. She also wore a T-shirt, which read “Art school dropout” in all-caps. Also notable were here many pieces of jewelry. She wore three different necklaces, two of which were gold. The gold necklaces featured chain-like designs, while the third appeared to be made of diamonds. It featured a large charm, which was likely the symbol for Venus or a symbol to represent females.

Rihanna also placed her left hand on her hair, which meant that her French manicure could be seen. Plus, she wore several gold rings. One ring was shaped like a lemon with sparkling heart-shaped designs, while another was rectangular. The rectangular ring had a cut-out in the center, with a floral accent. Plus, she wore a thin and bedazzled ring on her pinky.

Behind her, you could see a long, rectangular mirror and a doorway.

The singer and entrepreneur also noted in the captions that she’s working on a work-life balance. And fans responded in droves, as they sent messages of understanding and love. Considering that Rihanna accomplished a lot this year, her lack of time isn’t necessarily surprising.

“We understand sis,” noted a follower.

“You so much sis 2019 kicked everyone’s A**. Rooting for you ALWAYS Queen,” wrote a fan.

“Same sisssss, I feel you. This year tried to kill me but I’m still here bish. Take your time we love you,” noted an admirer.

“Brb = bring Rihanna back,” said a fourth Instagram user, who’s seemingly hoping to start a new trend.

In addition, Rihanna previously turned up the heat in a different way, as she rocked black lingerie. The photo showed her posing on a pink lounge chair, as she rocked a bra, panties, and sheer leggings that read, “Savage x Fenty,” which is the name of her brand. She propped herself up with her left elbow and wore her hair up in a messy high bun. She completed her look with a pair of shiny black heels.