Chrissy Teigen Leaks Video Of New Judge's Show 'Chrissy's Court' On Instagram

Chrissy Teigen shared a sneak peek of her upcoming show, Chrissy's Court, on her Instagram page today. It showed her sitting in the judge's chair, as she flipped through papers and asked a question to a man named Fred.

"Fred, did you ever cheat, in this year-and-a-half relationship?" she asked.

"Naw...," he responded, right before she finished asking the question.

"Fred," said Chrissy in a stern voice, as she seemingly wanted to hear something more from the man.

The model was seen wearing traditional judges' garb, which included a black robe. She wore her hair down, her wavy locks pulled in front of her left shoulder. She kept up the glam factor with a chic black hat.

Although the video clip was very brief, it was apparent that her fans were already loving it. However, there was one unhappy follower.

"CHRISSY!!!!!!!" read a comment from the official Quibi account, which included four swearing emoji to help the company make its point.

"@quibi what u gonna take me to my own court," responded the model.

Quibi is a subscription-based mobile video start-up, according to Variety. They ordered the show, which is all about Chrissy taking on the role of a judge in a small claims court. And it's not just for show, either, as all of the cases and her decisions are going to be real and lawfully binding.

And even though Chrissy had a great comeback for Quibi, she must have anticipated some backlash because she hinted as much in the captions. Considering that her clip has received over 2 million views, it would seem that her leak is a successful publicity stunt, at the very least.

"This one clip tells me all I need to know...and I can't wait for this lol," wrote a fan.

"She does make a pretty good judge," noted an admirer.

"Hahaaaa the new judge judy," commented a fourth Instagram user.

Fans can look forward to the short episodes, which will run around 10 minutes or less. The series is also short, featuring just 10 episodes in total. And it's not just all about Chrissy, as her mom, Vilailuck "Pepper Thai" Teigen, will make an appearance as the bailiff, according to Cosmopolitan. Unfortunately for excited fans, the show won't premiere until April 2020.

And although Quibi may have reacted negatively to Chrissy leaking the very short clip on Instagram, it's not completely unprecedented. In early July, the star of Bring the Funny accidentally shared a whole episode of the show on Twitter. At the time, some fans wondered if it was a viral marketing trick.