WWE News: Update On CM Punk's UFC Status

CM Punk made his shock return to wrestling on this week's WWE Backstage, which has left his UFC future up in the air. While he wasn't expected to return to UFC any time soon, it's still a possibility that his latest job won't prohibit it. Citing a report from Fightful Select, WrestleTalk reports that Punk is still in the USADA testing pool and was tested earlier this year.

At the time of this writing, Punk is still under contract with Dana White's mixed-martial-arts juggernaut. However, while he's still a part of the UFC roster, it's unlikely that he'll receive another MMA fight with the promotion after losing his two previous opportunities, the last of which occurred at UFC 225 in 2018.

Punk is still very much involved in the MMA scene, though he currently works as a commentator for Cage Fighting Fury Championships. The promotion is regarded as a breeding ground for the mainstream MMA promotions, and Punk has been contributing his analysis since last year.

The former WWE Champion has stated numerous times that he's open to a return to the octagon, though he doesn't believe that it's a realistic prospect at this point. He's 41-year-old and still an amateur by MMA standards, so the ship may have sailed.

However, it's unlikely that Punk will be stepping into a wrestling ring anytime soon, either. As The Inquisitr previously reported, he stated that it will cost upwards of $20 million to make him even consider it. His involvement in sports entertainment appears to be that of a pundit and analyst going forward.

As The Inquisitr noted following Punk's appearance on the FOX show, he will not be featured on WWE Backstage on a weekly basis. While it was believed that he'd auditioned to be a host when news broke that he'd tried out for the show, it has since been revealed that he'll be a recurring contributor.

Punk is contracted to FOX, which means that he won't have to deal with WWE executives in regards to the show. This leaves him with plenty of freedom to pursue other endeavors in addition to wrestling analysis, whether that be his recent foray into acting or a return to the octagon.

Punk recently starred in the acclaimed horror film Girl on the Third Floor and has stated that he wants to continue pursuing acting projects. While he hasn't officially ruled out a return to the squared circle, his priorities appear to lie elsewhere for the time being.