Vivica A. Fox Is Not Happy About Issa Rae’s Rumored ‘Set It Off’ Remake: ‘It’s A Classic, Leave It Alone’

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Actress Vivica A. Fox recently chatted with Entertainment Tonight to promote her new ION Christmas movie, Christmas Matchmakers. During the interview, she was asked about her feelings on Issa Rae’s rumored Set It Off remake. Fox did not mince words when it came to describing her true feelings about the potential project.

“It’s a classic, leave it alone. There’s absolutely no reason to try to redo it.” Fox told ET Live correspondent Melicia Johnson.

For those unfamiliar, Set It Off is a heist thriller from the late 1990s that starred Fox, Jada Pinkett Smith, Queen Latifah, and Kimberly Elise. The film is about four women struggling financially and their decision to begin robbing banks as a means to an end. It received positive feedback from critics, in addition to several accolades.

Back in September, Variety reported that Issa Rae — best known for her work on HBO‘s Insecure — is developing a remake of the 1996 movie.

Fox elaborated on her feelings about the remake to ET Live, stating that she believes Rae should come up with her own story instead of rehashing something that was already done well.

“Like, create your own franchise. If you want to do a new film of girls robbing banks, create your own thing. You can make it up to date. We did that film in 1996. We are in 2019, going into 2020. So, create your own thing because people are absolutely going to compare it to it, and she’ll probably, if it’s not good, they’re going to slay her for it.”

Considering how popular it is now for Hollywood to remake, reboot, and revive successful films and television series from the past, it’s not surprising that an updated version of Set It Off would wind up in the pipeline.

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However, Fox’s outspokenness about not wanting the film to get rebooted could potentially affect Rae’s decision to move forward. Since the remake is only in the developmental phase, a lot could change before the movie gets made. We may hear more from Fox about this should the project actually come to fruition.

In the meantime, the actress has plenty to focus on with her new ION film, in addition to her seven other films currently in production, including another holiday flick titled 2nd Chance for Christmas. At present, Fox can be seen in a recurring role as Candace Mason in the final season of the network drama Empire.

Christmas Matchmakers will premiere on December 8 on ION at 9 p.m. EST / 8 p.m. CST.