Sommer Ray Works On Her Famous Booty In New Workout Video

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Sommer Ray shared a new workout video with her Instagram fans today, as she worked on maintaining her toned bod and famous derriere. She was seen rocking a colorful outfit, which included a light pink sports bra with an intricate, criss-cross back. She also wore a pair of eye-catching leggings, which featured geometric designs in light pastel colors. This included upside-down triangles and patches of light blue, purple, and pink hues. The stunner also opted to wear her hair pulled back into a braided ponytail. She accessorized with a black baseball hat and sported black sneakers.

The clip showed Sommer completing a series of different exercises. She was seen working her legs using an exercise machine, as she propped herself up with her arms. She completed leg lifts while using weights, and the camera panned around the model to offer a 360-degree view. The focus seemed to be on her booty, as the model kept her head down.

The video then cut to showing Sommer lifting weights while looking at herself in the mirror. Her leggings were on full display as they hugged her curves.

Another clip showed Sommer doing leg lifts again with an exercise machine. This time, however, she stood on her right leg while holding onto a silver bar in front of her. Her left leg was attached to the weights.

She also teased her workout program in the captions. This would be a new addition to her entrepreneurial pursuits so far, which include a subscription box service, and her own line of clothing.

Fans sent their love to the model in the comments section.

“You’ve made me want to go gym.. Where you at,” joked a follower.

“Love the ambition and drive you have,” wrote an admirer.

“You are part of the seven wonders of the world,” raved a fan.

“Well I now know I can keep my eyes open without blinking for over a minute,” expressed a fourth Instagram user, who was seemingly mesmerized by the video.

In addition, the bombshell previously shared another workout video in late October. She was spotted doing squats in a tie-dye ensemble, which featured a matching set. The strapless sports bra and leggings were blue, yellow, and red. They featured two, white stripes on the side. She was seen dancing at first in the video before she started her workout routine. Later on, the blond grabbed a pair of weights to continue her squats. She seemed to be having a blast.