Sierra Skye Flaunts Figure In Plunge Dress & Plays With Her Ponytail

Sierra Skye shared a new Instagram photo of herself in a plunge dress today. The model was spotted in a white-and-gray room as she sat on the edge of a chair. She was rocking a black ensemble that had thin straps, its neckline dropping inches below her cleavage as the fabric hugged her hips.

In the snap, the social media star propped herself up with her right hand and played with her hair with her other hand. Her locks were slicked back into a high ponytail, which she brushed in front of her left shoulder.

Meanwhile, Sierra tilted her head slightly and gave a smoldering look. Her eye makeup included dark mascara, purple eyeshadow, and a hint of black liner on her lower lids. She also added a pop of light shimmery color to the inner corner of her eyes and also wore light pink lipstick to complete her look.

In addition, the blond bombshell opted for bright pink, rectangular dangle earrings. She kept the color theme rolling with her light pink manicure.

The chair that she sat on was white, with an abstract, geometric back. The rest of the room was all white or gray, and so was the table that could be seen to her left. Also, a rolling wardrobe rack could be spotted behind Sierra, where colorful clothing hung from dark hangers. It's possible that she was at a photo shoot, although she did not clarify what she was up to in the captions. Also, it's hard to know if the photo was taken in a white-and-gray room, or whether she Photoshopped the backdrop.

Fans had plenty of compliments for the model in the comments section.

"Who gave you permission to look this damn good?! I swear, you must be from another planet," gushed a follower.

"How do you keep getting better looking," asked an admirer.

"My Wild and Smart Blonde... KISSES BESOS," raved a fan.

"Thought this was J. Lo for a sec... what," wrote a fourth Instagram user, who likely mistook Sierra for Jennifer Lopez thanks to the hairstyle.

In addition to the new photo, the model shared another post earlier this month that showed her rocking a similar plunge dress. She sat on the edge of a plush bed, wearing an ensemble made of glittering fabric. The neckline seemed to be almost identical to the one on her black dress. She wore her hair in a high ponytail again and also sported rectangular dangle earrings, which appeared to be made of diamonds. She playfully placed her finger by her lips for the shot.