WWE News: Superstar Quits Company In Expletive-Filled Twitter Rant

WWE NXT superstar Jordan Myles took to his Twitter account on Wednesday to announce that he's done with the company. As quoted by Wrestling Inc., the 31-year-old shared an expletive-filled video on the social media platform, where he accused WWE of being "racists."

"As of today, I'd like to officially announce that I quit f***ing WWE. I am no longer employed. I refused to work for racists. I f***ing quit, f*** them. I hate that f***ing company and everything they f***ing stand for. All they ever did was hold our people back. I do this s*** for the culture. I don't need anyone's f***ing permission to do what I want to do. Screw Jordan Myles, don't ever call me by that slave name. Call me ACH and don't forget the 'Super', b**tch. I quit, f*** you!."
At the time of this writing, it remains to be confirmed if WWE has granted Myles his release. However, shortly after posting the video, Myles changed his name to Super A.C.H., which is the moniker he wrestled under prior to joining WWE earlier this year.

In recent months, WWE has been hesitant to release superstars from their contracts. The company doesn't want its performers joining the competition, but Myles' situation is a special case. Other superstars who have tried to quit lately have been unhappy with their booking and creative direction.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Myles has been absent from WWE recently for unspecified reasons, although it is believed that it pertains to the recent controversy involving his T-shirt design. Myles disapproved of the merchandise because he believed that it depicted blackface, prompting a Twitter outburst back in October.

Miles won NXT's Breakout Tournament earlier this year, suggesting that the company had big plans for the former Ring of Honor superstar. However, he's been absent from television in recent weeks, which may have contributed to his problems with the company.

As Ringside News recently documented, Myles criticized ROH and said that his former colleague Jay Lethal refused to help other African American wrestlers get ahead in the company. Afterward, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T weighed in on the situation, claiming that Myles was out of order and should have handled his issues internally.

WWE has often been criticized for its treatment of black superstars. For instance, Kofi Kingston's WWE Championship win at this year's WrestleMania 35 was only the second time that a black performer had captured the top title in the company's history.