A Second 'Teen Mom OG' Star Has Reportedly Just Been Arrested For Assault

Amber Baltierra, the sister of Teen Mom favorite Tyler Baltierra, was reportedly arrested for assault over the weekend, per Starcasm. She had appeared in numerous episodes of Teen Mom OG and even lived with Tyler and his wife, Catelynn Lowell -- until the pair threw her out after receiving numerous complaints from neighbors.

According to reports, Amber was arrested on Sunday, November 10, and was booked into the Williamson County jail in Texas. The charges against the reality television star included an "assault" that caused "bodily harm." Another note added the detail of "family violence" to the report.

In an Instagram Live video posted on Tuesday evening and documented by Starcasm, Amber gave details about the incident, explaining that the target of her attack was an ex-boyfriend.

Amber reportedly told her audience that she had recently amicably split with the victim, only to later find out that he had been cheating on her for the duration of their relationship. When she went to return some of his items to his house, she saw a woman leaving and became emotional.

Amber allegedly said that she was "shaking" and "just about to puke."

"I lost it," Amber then confessed. "Me and him [sic] got into a fight."

The 32-year-old also added a more graphic detail about the event, confessing that she scratched her ex-boyfriend in the forehead, causing him to bleed. Police were called and brought Amber into the station due to a Texan law that mandated an arrest following an injury.

She reportedly posted her $1,500 bail on Monday morning. She also claimed in the Instagram Live video that her ex is not planning to press charges.

Since the arrest, Amber has posted several updates on social media. In her first update since the posting bail, she did not reference the incident but instead alluded to it.

"I went off my rocker a little bit lately," she claimed in a video posted to Instagram on Monday.

However, the clip then focused on her dedication to her sobriety, and Amber even showed her 18-month sobriety chip to viewers.

In a more recent upload posted on Tuesday, she discussed the fact that people wrongly assume that those in recovery should not lose their tempers.

"We're still human," Amber said to the camera. "I lost my sh*t, and I'm in recovery, and I'm human. Take it or leave it," she added.

Many of her followers responded to her remarks in the comments section.

"Preach!!" one user wrote, adding a prayer and hallelujah hand emoji.

"I appreciate that you actually take responsibility and own up to your mistakes. You are correct you're still human and no human is perfect...its the owning up to it and trying to be better that matters," added a second.

Amber's arrest comes shortly after the arrest of fellow Teen Mom star Amber Portwood. The Inquisitr recently reported on the plea deal offered to the 29-year-old reality star.