Spoilers For 'The Young And The Restless': Chelsea's Drama Leaves Nick With A Tough Choice

Stunning new The Young and the Restless spoilers show that Chelsea's recent drama leads to a difficult decision for Nick and his future in politics.

The fallout from the hostage situation at The Grand Phoenix Hotel will cause some major issues for Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) and Nick's (Joshua Morrow) relationship. The fact that Chelsea and Connor (Judah Mackey) escaped Simon Black's (Jeffrey Vincent Parise) short reign of terror is a relief for Nick and everybody in Genoa City. However, the facts about Chelsea's involvement with the money that Simon wanted comes out, and it means trouble as far as Nick's campaign for the city council is concerned.

Because his girlfriend tried to launder the money, which was obviously connected to crimes, Nick ends up having to make a tough choice. Nick actor Joshua Morrow recently discussed the storyline with Soap Opera Digest, and he revealed that Chelsea feels incredibly guilty about Nick dropping out of the race because of her actions. Even so, Nick works to reassure Chelsea that he is fine with the situation even if he's not a fan of how his short-lived political career came to an abrupt halt.

"He doesn't like that it wasn't on his terms. He's not happy about the way it ended," Morrow admitted of his onscreen alter ego, Nick.

To make matters worse, Connor is especially needy right now, and he still lives with Adam (Mark Grossman). The little boy is suffering some post-traumatic stress symptoms because of everything he went through at the hotel after Simon took him hostage and tried to use him to escape Genoa City. It's no surprise that Connor struggles in the wake of such a horrible situation, and Chelsea is trying her best to do what her son needs her to while also living her life with Nick. Because of that, she's having to spend extra time with Connor at Adam's, away from Nick. Nick is absolutely understanding of Chelsea doing what's best for Connor. Even so, that doesn't mean he loves to see Chelsea, Adam, and Connor together like a happy little family.

"Nick has a giant heart, but he's still a man who's got a lot of pride. Only time will tell how much more he can handle," Morrow admitted.

There is some trouble brewing for this couple, and because of his disappointment over Chelsea's lies and actions since her return to Genoa City, Nick may give up on their relationship. After all, those actions cost Nick his new direction in life before it even got started.