Blond Bombshell Nata Lee Shows Some Skin While Wearing A See-Through White Bra In Latest Photo

Nata LeeInstagram

DJ and fashion model Nata Lee shared a new photo with her legion of followers today on Instagram. Lee is pictured wearing a revealing white mesh bra from the Gooseberry Intimates’ lingerie line.

Lee is shown sitting in a relaxed pose. She is channeling her innermost sex kitten with her mussed, blond hair and pink pout. The model stares directly into the camera with her piercing baby blue eyes and one hand lazily digging into her long straight locks.

The “World’s Sexiest DJ” opted to show off her body with a bra that leaves little to the imagination and tiny denim shorts, much to the delight of her 2.4 million fans. Lee even left her shorts unbuttoned to show off the tanned expanse of her taut tummy. The sparkle of her bellybutton piercing is visible.

Due to the see-through, net-like material of Lee’s bra, her breasts are fully on display. The fashionista proudly flaunts her ample bosom in addition to letting her nipples appear through the fabric uncensored.

She wore the same bra in another shared Instagram photo six days ago, but this new photo is far more revealing than her previous one, which only showed the model from the side as opposed to the frontal nature of her latest picture.

The caption also states that Lee had “love at first sight” with the Gooseberry brand, explaining her dedication to wearing their garments in multiple pictures.

Lee only posted the photograph a little over an hour ago, but it has already amassed more than 1,000 comments and 125,000 likes. Her fans are going crazy over the sexiness of the picture and the fact her outfit leaves very little to the imagination.

“Sexiest picture ever,” one fan eagerly exclaimed.

“Too quote I think NYSC God must’ve spent alittle more time on you,” commented another.

“You are one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen,” said a third fan.

Another Instagram user couldn’t help but let their eyes focus on Lee’s chest.

“Normally I notice a womans eyes first, but that top…..DAYAM!!!!”

Some fans were so flabbergasted by the model’s beauty, they spammed her comment section with a plethora of flame, heart eyes, heart, and tongue-wagging emoji.

Just yesterday, The Inquisitr reported on Lee’s previous Instagram post. It showed the DJ clad in a white sports bra with her breasts nearly spilling out of the top. She completed the look with skintight bike shorts. The model has been treating her fans extra kind lately with the amount of incredibly suggestive photos she’s been sharing.