‘The Bachelor’ Preview For Peter Weber’s Season Teases Some Windmill Action

Maarten de BoerABC

ABC has just released a tantalizing preview for Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor. Spoilers regarding the filming schedule suggest that there are still a few more days to go before Peter hands out his final rose, but, in the meantime, the network is ready to generate some buzz among the show’s fans with an enticing teaser.

Almost every season of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette incorporates some elements of the lead’s experience from the prior season. For example, The Bachelorette Hannah Brown heard plenty of references to “Hannah Beast,” a nickname she earned on a group date during Colton Underwood’s time on The Bachelor. It will likely come as no surprise that Peter’s season will seemingly be jam-packed with windmill references.

Anybody who watched Hannah’s season knows why Peter and windmills are often mentioned in relation to one another. Hannah and Peter’s overnight fantasy suite date took place in a windmill, and they admitted they made the most of their time together there.

Now, ABC is wasting no time in reminding everybody of Peter’s frisky history related to windmills.

The Bachelor sneak peek released on Wednesday by ET Online starts by showing an airplane flying through the sky. That is surely a reference to Peter’s profession as a commercial airline pilot, and fans can probably expect to hear plenty of flying references incorporated into this upcoming season as well.

As the song “Feeling Good” plays, a rose petal floats in the breeze, and soon the camera pans to the exterior of a windmill. The camera closes in on the door of the windmill, rose petals swirling around, and then, Peter walks out the door while wearing a suit.

Peter leans against the door frame as he holds a long-stemmed rose. He smells the rose and slowly looks up toward the camera. The short clip ends with The Bachelor star shown in a different spot, breaking out a grin for fans, the windmill now in the background.

Show creator Mike Fleiss shared a somewhat-blurry photo of Peter via his Twitter page earlier this week. He teased that it was a sneak peek, and it’s clear that this shot was taken while Weber was filming.

Based on earlier Bachelor spoilers shared by Reality Steve, it seems possible that this shot came from Peter saying goodbye to one of his final three ladies in Australia. Since the show is still filming, it appears that the network is holding back on incorporating any footage of Weber’s ladies for now.

Peter Weber’s final rose ceremony is expected to take place in Australia within the next few days. After that, the Bachelor star and his final lady will need to lay low and keep their romance under wraps for the next few months. The upcoming season debuts on Monday, January 6, and fans cannot wait to check it out, windmill references and all.